Onipan!: an Original Anime Series by Wit Studios Is Finally Here!

Wit Studios is well-known for its outstanding animation work on Attack on Titan from seasons 1 to 3. This year, the company chose to surprise us with a stark contrast by releasing Onipan!, an original anime series about lovely demon girls and underpants.

WIT Studio Inc. is a well-known animation production company in Japan. On June 1, 2012, it was created as a subsidiary of IG Port by manufacturers at Production IG. George Wada is the current president of the studio, which is based in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan.

The company is well-known for making high content, as evidenced by Attack On Titan before it was surpassed by MAPPA. Vinland Saga, The Rolling Girls, the recently popular Ranking of Kings, Spy X Family, and many others are among them. Onipan is going to be another fantastic, original anime series!

The onipan a mix of “oni” and “pantsu”,  transforms three oni-kids into humans to help humans and oni mend their relationship. The three girls join an ordinary Tokyo high school to aid them in the objective and clear their name by revitalizing the community, sometimes throwing themselves into school activities enthusiastically, and other times by becoming famous idols!

So here’s what we know about the new anime series.

Onipan: When Did the Anime Premiered?


Norihiro Naganuma created the original Japanese anime television series, which was animated by Wit Studio and produced by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions. The Onipan, which features cute three demons that wish to heal the relationships between humans and demons appeared as part of the 2022 Spring Anime program on April 11, 2022. Oha Suta, a children’s variety show on TV Tokyo, premiered the series.

As the series is still airing, fans can’t get enough of the cuteness and demand more of it, so episode 6 of Onipan is expected to launch on May 20, 2022.

Onipan: What’s the Storyline of the Anime?

Onipan plot

The new anime series Onipan! is set in a fantasy universe where humans and demons live in harmony. There seems to be an old idea that demons are the evil people, though not in the world of Onipan!, where demons get along well with humans.

They cannot, though, continually live despite their nature, since they occasionally revert to their old malicious habits. The story follows three young Onikko girls as they seek to change the perception of demons by completing small activities.

As, for the upcoming episode, it will carry the storyline from the previous episodes. At the Momo Tower, the annual Momo Battle Royale will determine who is the true Momotaro.

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Momozono Momo gives everyone a quick rundown of the competition. She explains how Momotaros from all across the globe gather to compete for the title of “Ultimate Momotaro.” She expresses her desire for the trio to serve as judges for the contest rather than participate in it. Momotaro’s ancient past is told to them by a red-haired girl named Inuyama.

Onipan plot 2

They proclaim Momozono the winner upon reviewing the duel. Momo encounters Aozono Ao, a descendant of a Momotaro from Takamatsu, Kagawa. In the second round of the competition. In the midst of all, Kurozono Kuro, a third rival, appears. Momo utilizes the MTCG Momotaro Trading Card Game once she is declared the victor.

By overpowering each other, they begin drawing their particular best cards. While you assume either of them seems to have the upper hand, the other pulls out an even greater and more powerful card. Someone suddenly exclaims, “I’m so lost,” so we’ll have to wait until episode 6 to answer this cliffhanger mystery.

Onipan: Who Are the Main Cast as the Cute Demons?

Onipan cast

Tsutsuji is portrayed by Yume Nozaki, Himawari is voiced by Mika Negishi, and Tsuyukusa is voiced by Kokona Nonaka.

Tsutsuji is characterized as an inquisitive oni who is gregarious and sociable. Always wanting to learn more, she enjoys city life and fashion. Himawari, on the other hand, is the naughty one who enjoys hanging out with animals and doing whatever she wants.

She is doing everything her way and is the group’s most capable member. Tsuyukusa, the third one, is an alone, calm, and attractive girl who appears to be too tired to move in order to maintain her calm and laid-back look.

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The anime’s sweetness, or Kawaii characteristic, makes it more beloved. Other characters share the same adorable characteristics as the main three. Momo Momozono, played by Kaori Maeda, is followed by Noriko Issun, played by Miyu Tomita, and Kuma, played by Kikuko Inoue.

Who Are Involved in the Production of the Anime?


On February 3, 2022, AAO Project, a collaborative endeavor by AOI Pro., Amuse, and Origamix Partners to develop and produce unique intellectual property, confirmed an exclusive anime television show created by Norihiro Naganuma and produced by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions. Wit Studio’s Masahiko Ohta is directing the series, with the assistant director as Jun’ichirō Hashiguchi. Takashi Aoshima is in charge of authoring the scripts, and Yasuhiro Misawa is composing the anime’s soundtrack. Tomari is creating the onikko designs, while Ryuuta Yanagi does the character designs. The series has been licensed outside of Asia by Sentai Filmworks.

Onipan’s! primary cute demon cast Yume Nozaki, Mika Negishi, and Kokona Nonaka performed the opening theme song “Onipapapan! Pan!”



Their purpose is to bring demons and humans closer together. The three demon youngsters, Himawari, Tsustuji, and Tsuyukusa, join a Tokyo high school in order to achieve their aim. They will manage their everyday college life with humans while using the power of onipan.

The anime will depict how the three demons will be able to correct their distorted demon image in order to communicate with humans, even becoming Kawaii idols!

With the power of love, friendship, and underpants, the three demon girls will give it all! So, let’s enjoy them with the Onipan trailer and wait for more episodes to come.