Sword Art Season 5: the World of Swords Is Coming With a New Season!

Get ready to level up!

Sword Art Online is a popular and successful Japanese fiction and action series in its third season. It’s based on the same-named novel by Reki Kawahara. After seeing the dazzling dramatic achievement of season four, the producers are anxious to return with a brand sword art in season 5.

Virtual reality is now the ultimate must-have gadget for gamers everywhere in the year 2022. And this is not the kind of technology we’re used to seeing nowadays. This isn’t just a headset that puts a virtual world in front of your eyes; it’s a system that can build an entirely new world for you, not just via your eyes and ears, but through all of your senses, including touch, taste, and smell. But, now this particular game, has turned into reality, which actually killed many.

The anime is over with its fourth season and all the fans are now waiting for the sword art season 5. So, here’s what we know about the new season.

Sword Art Season 5: When Is the New Season Releasing?

Sword art season 5 1

On February 6, 2022, the whole fourth season of ‘Sword Art Online’ was released on Netflix. It has 25 episodes, each lasting about 24-25 minutes. Before being streamed on Netflix, the anime first aired in Japan from October 13, 2019, until September 20, 2020.

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Due to the patience and passion of fans, the franchise announced the Sword Art Season 5 premiere date on its official Twitter account. After obtaining all of the copyrights, Netflix has decided to distribute them on November 6, 2022.

Sword Art Season 5: What New Challenges Are Coming This Season?

Sword art season 5 plot

The Unital Ring and the Moon Cradle arcs are the frontrunners for the sword art season 5. Because the earlier season is only two volumes long, it is unlikely to be the basis for an entire season.

Kazuto Kirigaya, a 14-year-old loner with a penchant for such video games, is on the bleeding edge of technology, having secured a seat as a beta tester for Sword Art Online, a virtual reality role-playing game. The latest edition of NerveGear, a brand-new VR headset that leverages FullDive technology to thoroughly immerse the player in the game world, is used by SAO.

Once Sword Art Online officially starts, Kazuto (as Kirito) is one of the 10,000 players who are fortunate enough to get a copy of the limited edition and join the game on its first day. But the truth comes out quickly, as Kirito and the rest of the game’s users cannot log out and return.

Although it’s originally considered that the issue is simply a particularly heinous error in the game’s programming, the simple annoyance quickly turns into a deadly nightmare when Sword Art Online’s founder, Akihiko Kayaba, summons all 10,000 players.

Sword art season 5 plot 2

Rather than attempting to explain the glitch, Kayaba is on hand to explain that it is, in fact, a feature of the game and there is no way out of Sword Art Online until players have cleared all 100 floors of Aincrad, the game’s world, and any attempts to disconnect will result in the user’s brain being actually microwaved by their NerveGear headset, effectively killing them.

The storyline of sword art season 5 will be continued from season 4. The Alicization curve was included in the most recent installment of Sword Art Online. It went on sale in February 2021. We see Kirito accepting a request from Rinko, who informs him that Alice has gone missing. He chooses to confront her at Rath in order to have a box bearing the Rath emblem sent to his home.

To his surprise, he uncovers the carton and finds Alice inside. They see her all dressed up and proceed to the class dojo to fight. Alice receives a strange email that may have something to do with the Underworld. Alice, Kazuto, Asuna, and the others converge on Rath to test their theories. Ronnie and Teese’s descendants are eventually scattered by a space beast known as Abyssal Horror.

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Their planes are destroyed, and Kirito and the others rush to their deed. After defeating the beast, the descendants honor Kirito and the others and enjoy the gifts sent to them by the Star prince and princess, and Integrity Knight Alice. In the concluding displays, they journey to Cardina. We will see more mysteries unraveling about the game world in the new season.

Sword Art Season 5: Who Will Be Seen in the Game World?

Sword art season 5 cast

When it comes to anime, the cast must take on a variety of key roles in order for the project to be a success. Looking back on the entire season, the producers have established a standard for the show among the viewers. The anticipation for the fifth season’s debut has reached new heights. The director has cast new emerging talents because of the show’s level.

Sword Art season 5 could have a cast that includes many voice actors like Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voices Kirito, and Ayahi Takagaki voices Lisbeth. Kanae Ito portrays Yui, Haruka Tomatsu portrays Asuna, and Hiroki Yasumoto portrays Agil. Leafa is performed by Ayana Taketatsu, while Silica is played by Rina Hidaka.

Who Are Involved in the Production Team?

Sword art season 5 2

At Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011, alongside Reki Kawahara’s other light series of novels like Accel World, an anime adaptation of Sword Art Online was revealed. Aniplex and Genco produced the anime, which was animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Ito with Yuki Kajiura’s music.

From July 7 to December 22, 2012, the anime was broadcast on Tokyo MX, tvk, TVS, TV Aichi, RKB, HBC, and MBS, and later  Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu all carried the series. The very first four novels and portions of volume eight were adapted into the anime. The full production team for the new season is still yet to be revealed.



A teaser was released, showing Asuna in non-combat clothes for the Sword Art Online game. It helps Asuna loosen up within Aincard as she confronts her partner and ultimate lover, Kirito. The trailer is still to come, so for now, enjoy the Sword Art Online season 5 teaser.