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As the name suggests, Honk News is about creating vibes around entertainment, technology, gaming, business, and general news.

Honk news competes with almost all the big brands including keeperfacts, trendingnewsbuzz, Otakukart and so on.

If we talk about our achievements, we are also into Google’s top stories, old editions of Google News, and Google discovery.

Honk News is having team of 12+ Editors who work independently to spread right news and information to you, to our precious audience.

Now, the question is – Do you want to write for us? Do you want sponsored post or you want to get paid for working with us?

In both of the cases, YOU ARE WELCOME 🙂

Here are our guest post/ Sponsored post or write for us guidelines:

“Write-for-Us” Guidelines on

Just imagine you’ve just opened your laptop, your google analytics stats or your conversion dashboard and you got big jump instantly. How will you feel?\

Amazing! – right! and That’s too with the help of the Guest post process. If you work genuinely or authentically for your business, for your service, it will work like a charm for you.

So how to be genuine or authentic while writing a sponsored post for you or your client?

Sponsored Post Formula that Works for Instant Ranking

Being in Google Top Stories, We got an advantage over our competition. We can’t be calculated based on Ahrefs, Semrush, and any other tools but yes, you can have a glimpse of our traffic from these sources.

Great so what is the guest post formula now?

Keyword Research for Guest Post + A Well Written/ Research Based/ Inclusive Facts & Figures Based Article + Instant Traffic = Ranking of Main Page or Ranking of Anchor Text & URL

Did you get it? I hope so!

Eventually, All of us know that the content empowers traffic to go in that direction where we want them to be!

We are giving you everything you want but you need to be sure with your content quality.

Workout to Plan Before Writing Guest Post:

Suppose you have to visit Los Angeles from California, you need public transport or your own car. Right?

Similarly, you need a bridge to connect 2-websites. Now, you might be thinking what are these 2 websites?

One is yours and second is mine 😛

Your website belongs to service/product or relates to any specific niche and my website belong to all sort of articles including news.

A good part of this website is that it could include all sort of content. Now, you need to decide

  • What will be the best topic to connect both websites?
  • How it will be interlink with each others?
  • Why users will click on the anchor text you gave?
  • What will be the benefit of our audience?

If you will work on all these sorts of thing, that will be amazing.

What Sponsored Post Article Should Includes?

Talking about the content, You need to follow these guidelines thoroughly. (These guidelines are just not meant to write sponsored post but also to Copywrite the content wherever you want)

  • Start with a short story through which users will feel connected to you.
  • Start with the real problems.
  • Include facts & figure that gives power to your statement.
  • Authority must be represented. Give source links to your content.
  • Doesn’t matter in what phase you are writing content – Keep asking thought-provoking questions.
  • Primary, secondary and LSI keywords should be included within the article.

I think this is more than enough for today. If you want more, if you want complete checklist or if you have any question, you may contact us to our official email id.

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