My Hero Academia Season 2: Top 5 Fights in the UA’s Sports Festivals That Define the Shonen Genre!

Get ready for Plus Ultra in The My Hero Academia season 2!

The My Hero Academia season 2 did a great job in bringing out the best in the characters and the storyline. Tournament arcs are a mainstay of most shonen anime, displaying classic characters in the interesting new shades and seeing magnificent one-on-one battles. On paper, they may appear to be a simple competition format, but they generate some of the most amazing experiences in anime and are consequently difficult to master.

The Sports Festival arc of My Hero Academia season 2, on the other hand, takes this simple pattern and successfully develops multiple intriguing tales that combine the best of established characters with the introduction of new ones in memorable ways.

From the obstacle course to the cavalry fight, both showcased the young hero’s inventiveness and innovation and explored the personalities and their quirks in ways that audiences had never seen before. Nonetheless, the fighting tournament is the most thrilling component. Here are the top 5 one-on-one battle royales at the U.A. Sports Festival, which will provide spectators with plenty of exciting battles.

1. Izuku Midoriya VS Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia Season 2

The most thrilling combat takes the form of a magnificent encounter with a great deal of emotional impact. Even yet, this fight in The My Hero Academia season 2  is only the culmination of a brief rivalry. Todoroki, who is introduced with great venom, launches war on Deku aka Midoriya suddenly out of nowhere.

Todoroki is driven by his desire to utterly reject his father as Endeavor heirs and to do that he wants to defeat All Might’s successor Midoriya. He was initially perplexed, but when Todoroki tells him about his family condition, he feels compelled to accept Todoroki’s challenge of war.

Throughout this combat, Izuku Midoriya demonstrates his heroism by proving that saving others is more important to him than winning. At first, he has a hard time dealing with Shoto Todoroki’s massive ice walls, even though he has to break his own bones to deal with them, he wants to take on Todoroki.

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However, he quickly realizes that Shoto’s physiology is unable to adapt to the dip in temperature that occurs when he generates a large amount of ice. He sees that if Shoto refuses to use his fire half, he’ll be able to defeat him, but that’s not what he intends to do.

Todoroki must not throw away a triumph that he is capable of, and must fight to the best of his abilities. Midoriya tells him that he is not caving in to his father’s demands, but rather is asserting his own strength. Shoto is finally persuaded to unleash his fire half, which released him from his chains. Izuku suffered a defeat as a result of this.

2. Katsuki Bakugo VS Ochaco Uraraka

My Hero Academia Season 2

The battle between Bakugo and Uraraka showed the ultimate power of determination and equality.  Bakugo has established himself as an aggressive and powerful opponent, and people who are unfamiliar with him perceive him as an aggressor. Most people in the audience believe Uraraka has little chance against Katsuki Bakugo, who is one of the strongest people in the competition. But Uraraka is determined to defeat him on her own, and she refuses Midoriya’s assistance in devising a strategy.

The battle itself was the most difficult one in The My Hero Academia season 2. Bakugo unleashes a barrage of explosions, but Uraraka tries to fool him by moving quickly and manipulating the gravity of debris to fling it towards Bakugo.

However, the crowd criticizes Bakugo for taking on a vulnerable girl. But their teacher Aizawa claims that if Bakugo underestimates Uraraka, he is not only being disrespectful but also putting himself at a disadvantage. Bakugo found Uraraka to be extremely powerful and could only defeat her with great effort.

3. Katsuki Bakugo VS Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia Season 2

Todoroki and Bakugo face off in the Sports Festival’s final match, which was expected to be spectacular. Todoroki fails to employ his flames and ends up losing the will to fight, therefore forfeiting the duel by taking a tremendous Howitzer Impact from Bakugo with no defenses up. Because Todoroki didn’t give it his best, the result may be disappointing, and this victory didn’t satisfy Bakugo at all.

Bakugo, who was fighting with his willpower, isn’t happy with the result because Todoroki relied completely on his ice. Bakugo believed that he couldn’t beat Todoroki in Season 1, thus this match was going to be his chance to show himself and claim victory. He was outraged and didn’t want the so-called title of the winner since he believed Todoroki didn’t give his best and didn’t take him seriously enough to put in a genuine effort.

He had to be held while receiving his medal because he was so irritated!

4. Kirishima VS Tetsutetsu

My Hero Academia Season 2

This Manly duo is a fan favorite, and of course, this battle is popular as well. The fight between Eijiro Kirishima and Tetsutetsu just demonstrated Plus Ultra‘s ultimate aura.

Both the young heroes had similar quirks. Kirishima’s Hardening quirk gives his skin a harsh, rocklike firmness, whilst Tetsutetsu’s converts his skin into steel. They also share nearly identical hot-blooded characteristics. As a result, the combat entails the two of them continually clashing until they are both fatigued and no one is willing to give up. The battle was called a temporary tie, as expected.

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After just a short time of healing, both of them compete in an arm-wrestling contest to decide the winner between them. Kirishima eventually wins as Tetsutetsu’s steel arm snaps. The conflict attracts the hero Fourth Kind‘s notice, who later gives them an internship.

5. Hitoshi Shinso VS Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia Season 2

Hitoshi Shinso is a character who was introduced in The My Hero Academia season 2. His Brainwash quirk is both strong and terrifying, he can use mind control to make another person obey his will.

Many people assumed he’d turned into a villain rather than a hero as a result of this, which makes him envious of Izuku Midoriya’s apparently noble. As Shinso tells Midoriya for not knowing what he’s going through, Midoriya could understand him because he had no quirks throughout his upbringing. But, although he’s feeling nothing but empathy, he’s also trying his hardest to escape the brainwashing, which he does by snapping himself out of it by severing his own fingers.

Escaping Shinso’s brainwashing allows him to hurl him out of boundaries and win the match. They had a lengthy discussion after the fight on why Shinso aspires to be a hero. Midoriya is unable to console him or express sympathy because the nature of his own peculiarity is unknown.