One Piece Film Red: What New Adventures Are Coming in the One Piece Universe?

The Pirates have returned with a new adventure!

Fans are once again waiting for the ultimate One Piece Film: RED.


Following One Piece: Stampede, which was released in 2019, Film Red is the 15th One Piece film. An anime film was the ideal way to commemorate the series’ 25th anniversary, and Eiichiro Oda collaborated with the One Piece team at Toei Animation to write what could probably wind up being the most massive film to date.

The narrative of Shanks and his daughter, Uta, is supposed to be told in this film. She has indeed been veiled in mystery, but based on the trailer, she appears to be the adversary who, in the end, becomes a friend of the straw pirates.

Uta is a human who has been living with the Sky Tribe, according to the interviews surrounding the film. A group of humans made up of the three races that once lived on the moon. The Skypeian race, for example, has previously been seen in anime.

So, here’s all we know about the new One Piece film thus far.

One Piece Film Red: When Are the Pirates Coming?

One Piece Film Red 1

Shanks is the subject of the official teaser trailer, which was previously highly rumored to be the main focus of the film. It also reveals the new female pirate’s name, Uta, who turns out to be Shanks’ daughter. Uta is described as “the world’s finest diva” with a “voice that can alter the world,” albeit it is unclear what that implies.

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One Piece Film Red will premiere in Japan on August 6, 2022. Being the franchise’s 15th film, it continues the practice of Toei Animation films not being canon to the series’ main story.

One Piece Film Red: What’s the Storyline of the Anime Film?

One Piece Film Red plot

Shanks is the pirate who inspired Luffy to become a pirate in the very first place and will play a significant role in One Piece Film Red.

Shanks always has been a figure who hasn’t had much screen time in the anime. He’s like a shadow that follows Luffy about, watching the world through the cryptic ways of narrative armor.

Uta, a young girl, is somewhere near a castle. Shanks still has his iconic Straw Hat and hasn’t given it to Luffy yet, hence this scene takes place over ten years before the start of Luffy’s trip. Shanks is also not a Yonko at this point, having only risen to the post four years before Luffy’s trip began. Shanks tells Uta that even though they’re apart, she’ll always be his daughter in a chat.

This is indeed a surprise to One Piece fans, considering there has never been any clue in the canon regarding Shanks having a daughter. Despite this, the film is largely focused on it. Whether Uta is Shanks’ biological daughter or not has to be seen, but the fact that she seems to have the same red hair on her left side as Shanks is intriguing, implying that there may be a biological connection after all.

One Piece Film Red plot 2

We will also see a maternal figure for Uta, presumably her mother, and a potential Shanks love who held her back as Shanks embarks on the adventure and actually ends up in Fushia Village, where he stays for a year and offers his Straw Hat to Luffy.

The Straw Hat Pirates will be key to the film, as they always are, and the action will most likely take place at a Music Festival. Luffy and his crew of pirates finally meet Uta, and based on the teaser, Luffy appears to be concerned about her.

Uta’s actions appear to have gotten her into difficulty, and she also has a sword around her neck in one shot of the trailer, which Luffy jumps in to save with a Gear Third charged fist. Luffy proceeds by telling her that if Shanks learns out just what their daughter is up to, he would not remain silent.

One Piece Film Red: Who Are Returning in the Anime Film?

One Piece Film Red cast

Uta, dubbed “the world’s best diva,” is the daughter of Shanks, who is voiced by Shuichi Ikeda. They are both prominent characters in One Piece Film Red. Then there’s Mayumi Tanaka plays Monkey D. Luffy, the primary protagonist of the One Piece franchise.

Kazuya Nakai plays Roronoa Zoro. He is one of the group’s swordsmen and a vital member of the Straw Hat Pirates. For the Red film, he receives a totally new, sleek black ensemble. Akemi Okamura portrays Nami. She is one of the series’ main female characters, recognized for her quick hands and great navigational skills.

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Usopp is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi, and Sanji is performed by Hiroaki Hirata. Ikue Otani portrays Tony Chopper, Yuriko Yamaguchi portrays Nico Robin, Kazuki Yao portrays Franky, and Cho portrays Brook.

Gordon is a character who is similar to Uta and will appear in the One Piece Red film. He is linked to Shanks and Uta in some way.

Who Are Involved in the Production of the Anime Film?

One Piece Film Red 3

The storyline of the film is based on Eichiro Oda’s manga of the same name, published in 2002. Goro Taniguchi is directing the film.

Fans of One Piece will recognize his name as the creator of the One Piece: Defeat the Pirate Ganzack OVA as well as a Code Geass film. Tsutomu Kuroiwa is also writing the script for the film. Eichiro Oda, the franchise’s and this story’s creator, is overseeing the entire production.


The official trailer begins with a nearer image of some musical sheets, then accompanied by a sketchy drawing of Uta, the film’s secretive female character. Uta’s character in the anime movie may be mildly adversarial, but she is certainly not the story’s main adversary. So, as we wait for the new one-piece adventure to premiere on August 6, 2022, let’s enjoy this trailer.

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