Gungrave GORE: The gaming sequel is coming with more creative action and an uncompromising dark universe!

IGGYMOB from South Korea developed Gungrave GORE, a magnificent third-person shooter. Gungrave games have been released since 2002, and they feature a dark yet beautiful universe as well as its anti-hero, Grave, who battles against everyone and everything.

Gungrave GORE has become a long time in the making, and it appears like production is now on track, with the game set to arrive soon.

According to the latest teasers, the game will not disappoint players and therefore will continue to astonish gamers with all of its black and brutal aesthetic. However, with so much time passing, gamers of older games have noticed some substantial changes in playstyle, aesthetics, and gameplay that they are eager to test out.

The revival of a renowned PS2-era game with Gungrave GORE. You’ll be likely to participate as the gun-toting badass anti-hero of the fantasies, shoot and kill tonnes of foes in a gruesome dance of bullets, and witness a story of revenge, love, and commitment, all in a stunning third-person action shooter that provides the best combination of Eastern and Western game design.

So, here’s what we know about the upcoming gaming series.

Gungrave GORE: When Is the Gaming Series Coming?

Gungrave GORE

Yasuhiro Nightow, the artist of the Trigun manga series, founded the brand Gungrave in 2002, and the videogames have always placed a significant emphasis on stylized action and merciless combat. When Gungrave GORE releases on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, it will most likely continue down this path.

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Of course, there will still be a much for Studio IGGYMOB to showcase around. Although the game is set to debut in Fall 2022, the official date is still unknown, we’re excited in seeing how Gungrave’s larger-than-life violence transfers to the new components, as well as how the bleak and magnificent world might appear after quite a bunch of years inside the shadows. In the next months, gamers can expect a lot more from Studio IGGYMOB and Prime Matter on this one.

Gungrave GORE: What Is the Storyline of the Upcoming Gaming Series?

Gungrave GORE

The Gungrave is a character in the game Gungrave. ‘Gunslinger of Resurrection‘ is what GORE stands for. This means you’ll transform into the fearsome anti-hero of your desires, an unstoppable killing machine that will mercilessly slaughter your enemies. Grave never takes shelter and retreats; he always goes full speed ahead, preferably directly through his opponents.

Grave, the series’s famous anti-hero, who recognized as the world’s most lethal hitman. Gungrave shows that he was slain by his own comrade Harry, however, the “necroraise skill” brought him back to life. He eventually forgot all of his memories plus feelings, leaving him with only one name: Asagi Mika. They need to hunt down the narcotic “SEED” after collaborating with Mika, which takes them to Scumland.

However, Scumland was not the only place in the game that you can visit. To fully take down the Raven Clan, gamers will just have to fight for their lives across Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as Malaysia. The premise appears to be peculiar, but that was to be assumed from a title like Gungrave, therefore players are eager to discover what the plot will include.

As per the game’s makers, the game was created as a solo story for people who are unfamiliar with Gungrave’s environment, but it is eventually a revival of the franchise for any and all seasoned gamers.

Gungrave GORE: What Do We Know About the Gameplay?

Gungrave GORE

The latest trailer of Gungrave GORE included various glimpses of gameplay plus key mechanics from the PS4 version of the game. The franchise’s most ardent fans will immediately recognize the freshly polished gameplay, including everything they had longed for over the years of anticipation.

The dramatic visuals have been greatly improved, and the controls appear to be fluid and effortless. There will also be a variety of weaponry available, including classic pistols and other vintage aspects, as well as a variety of melee combat skills.

Gungrave is a third-person shooter that concentrates solely on combat, eschewing the puzzle-solving features of its predecessors. The player progresses through hallway-like phases but has complete freedom of movement in certain places. On the way to the end-of-level monster, the player must defeat endless waves of fighters.

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The game calculates the quantity of flair the player utilizes to destroy everything and everyone in view. Fighting ranges between gunplay with foes at a distance or a simple melee action at a short-range.

Gungrave GORE

The alterations on Gungrave GORE are significant in comparison to Gungrave: Overdose and VR.

Although the game’s protagonist retains his basic style and quite well equipment, it appears that the character’s style has undergone substantial alterations that are just perfect. He always has the coffin strapped to his back and his favorite huge twin pistols, yet he appears more finished and the minor details have been beautifully created.

In comparison to the game’s predecessors, the entire thing has an intimidating layout, with a variety of adversaries, robots, weaponry, and movement possibilities. The production team worked with some incredible designers to refine the game’s objects and characters and appears.

One of the amazing designers participating in the design of Gungrave GORE is Ikumi Nakamura. She previously performed as a creative director on projects such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and also as a lead artist on titles such as The Evil Within.

More noticeably, she is focusing on the game’s antagonist “Yensen,” and she has already confirmed that she is also developing other characters and bosses. She’s also developing involved in creating a unique design of Grave, but it’s unclear what the plans for the future are really for character design. To catch the finely polished details, we will have to pay additional close attention.


The Gungrave GORE CGI trailer gives us just a taste of the mayhem to come, depicting Grave crashing into Scumland in a hail of bullets. However, it may be underselling the entrance, which depicts the returned hero descending from the skies inside a coffin, just to spring free and slay a slew of punkish goons. It appears crazy and outrageous, but Gungrave wouldn’t have it any other way.

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