Top 7 Weapons in Resident Evil 4 That Are Just Breathtaking to the Core!

Resident Evil 4 is a survivor horror third-person game that can give you nightmares!

Developed and published by Capcom Production Studio 4 and Capcom, respectively. This was first released in 2005 on GameCube. Players take control of US government special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who has been dispatched on a mission to save Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, who’s been abducted by a cult.

Leon confronts masses of people affected by something like a mind-controlling virus in a rural section of Spain and teams up with spy Ada Wong.

When Resident Evil 4 was launched in 2005, it blew everyone away with a wave of different weaponry to pick from. So, are you the shotgun’s close-range wide shot type or the preoccupied with precision and maintaining high accuracy?

With the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake on March 24, 2023, fans are eager to learn about new features in this horror-themed game. But first, let’s have a look at the game’s weaponry in the original, and become even more excited for the remake’s release in 2023. So, here are the top 7 weapons in Resident Evil 4 that will take your breath away.

1. Red9

Resident Evil 4 1

The highly sought-after Red9 handgun. For the most part, this is the most popular weapon in the video game. It fires handgun ammo, has a bigger clip size, and can do significant damage.

Although the Red9 isn’t the most powerful weapon in the game, it’ll be the go-to gun if you want to focus on precision and ammo storage. Once fully improved, this pistol delivers the very same impact as a shotgun’s base stat, with the extra benefit of delivering a greater blow from a longer range. Because of its simple design as well as consistently high damage output, it has become the favorite pistol for many, if not all, Resident Evil 4 fanatics.

2. Striker

Resident Evil 4 2

The striker is the elder brother of both the shotguns in Resident Evil 4, but it has flaws that will most certainly keep it from being one of the top shotguns in gameplay.

Because shotgun shells have a lower likelihood of dropping ammo and long-range warfare is ineffective, there is a little more finesse to using this weapon well. The Striker, on the other hand, is excellent at chasing away swarms of opponents who are too close to call.

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This weapon isn’t ideal for boss fights because it doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it can fire for a long period without reloading. Users won’t get a better gun than the striker if all you want to do is stun several enemies and knock them out.

3. The Broken Butterfly

Resident Evil 4 3

Because these weapons are so valuable in boss fights including sub-bosses, where ammo should only be used in instances where a shot is sure to hit.

The Broken Butterfly is unrivaled when it comes to artistry. It’s a six-shooter revolver at its core, and despite its slow reload speed, it’s one of the game’s finest reload animations.

The Broken Butterfly is indeed the game’s first magnum, and its maximum firepower more than compensates for its delayed reloading speed as well as smaller capacity. When this weapon’s firepower is fully upgraded, it becomes the Resident Evil 4’s third most powerful weapon.

4. Semi-auto Rifle

Resident Evil 4 4

You’re aware of how satisfying a successful sniper shot can indeed be. The semi-auto rifle in Resident Evil 4 is one of the first one-shot kill weapons, leaving no enemy heads behind. It could also result in a pleasing crunch or splash.

The Rifle is definitely one of the most useful weapons in the game because of the variety of different opponents we face. It’s quite powerful with only the regular scope for cleaning out foes such as El Gigante, Dr. Salvadore, and the Ganados who manipulate barriers in the castle and island sections of the game.

The Semi-Auto Rifle is a fantastic weapon for strategy enthusiasts, and among the most entertaining additions is the infrared scope, which can be used to pick out parasites one by one.

5. The Blacktail

Resident Evil 4 5

This weapon is the game’s third-fastest shooting gun, outperforming the Red9 in terms of damage per sec. With something like a high firepower rating, this is a significant upgrade over the standard handgun with which you begin the game.

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Whenever efficiency and speed are important to you, the Blacktail is the handgun for you. Although it may not be the most powerful weapon, it has the fastest reload and fire velocity of most of the handguns available in your initial playthrough. While you may need more bullets to provide the same punch, the faster fire rate means you may deliver more harm per second than any other pistol.

6. Chicago Typewriter

Resident Evil 4 6

The Chicago Typewriter is one of Resident Evil 4’s finest intimidating unlockable weapons, with unlimited ammo and a genuinely insane damage rate, however, its stats don’t tell the whole picture. While massacring hordes of opponents without the need for a worry in the world is satisfying, the weapon’s unique design sells the action.

Whether you’re a fan of graphics and you’re enjoying the game on the PS2, you’ll be able to get a variant skin for this firearm to match Leon’s gangster outfit. Although the stats stay the same, this updated variant includes a foregrip, an ammo drum in place of the traditional magazine clip, and two new reloading animations to match Leon’s new look.

7. The TMP

Resident Evil 4 7

The TMP’s main advantages are its large ammo storage and improved abilities. Rather than relying on the amount of damage done per shot, the TMP relies on its stun qualities and rare reloading.

Unless you don’t care about precision, pick up a TMP and keep firing rounds down on your opponents! This really is the sole machine pistol option you have in the game. With the TMP, you’ll break the pattern of reloading after each shot and instead invest in ammo upgrades which will fill your clip while also saving you ammo. This means it is possible to unleash a barrage of attacks on bosses and tougher opponents whenever you want.