Top 7 Most Strongest Characters From Deadman Wonderland That Have Suffered From a Gruesome Past!

Deadman Wonderland is recognized for its heavy tension fights, gripping plot, and, above anything else, the series’ unbelievable personalities.

Deadman Wonderland, Japan’s only privately managed jail, was erected on the site of the Great Tokyo Earthquake. Tsunenaga Tamaki established and runs Deadman Wonderland, which was created by Rinichir Hagire. It brings together inmates from all across Japan to generate funds for reconstructing the ravaged metropolis.

Deadman Wonderland is a gigantic theme park-like complex maintained by the jail population that is open to the public and tourists on a regular basis. Unseen to the general public, the majority of the prison’s activities involve horrific survival games in which many prisoners sacrifice their lives or are injured for the amusement of an unsuspecting crowd.

The jail guards are also given discretion in how they discipline the inmates, which frequently results in bloodshed.

So, these are the characters of the anime who have been through the most hardships in the series and are extremely strong.

1. Shiro

Deadman Wonderland

Why does it feel empty in here, no matter how much I eat?

Ganta‘s friends, comprising his closest friends, are murdered by a crimson figure known as the Wretched Egg. Ganta visits Deadman Wonderland after being charged with their murders and meets Shiro.

Ganta seems to have no idea of the context of Shiro when they first meet.  It’s difficult to take her seriously not only because of her albino look but also because of her juvenile and clumsy demeanor. Shiro appears to be completely oblivious to the pain that surrounds her, and she always has a smile. She confesses her love for Ganta and accompanies him everywhere he goes.

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Shiro exhibits superhuman physical abilities and is well-versed in the jail, having spent the majority of her life inside. But there’s a world of pain behind that power and smile. She did grow up as a test subject, and while other children were able to have a normal upbringing, hers was molded by experimentation and constant suffering.

To protect herself from her unpleasant reality, she represents the second identity and lives in a juvenile dream world within her imagination.

2. Nagi Kengamine

Deadman Wonderland

No matter how bad things get, as long as you can hear the bell, you know there’s a friend to me.

Owl, also known as Nagi Kengamine, is the head of Scar Chain. He possesses the Branch of Sin known as Bloodshot Eyes of the Owl, which enables him to create blood spheres that explode with great force.

Nagi’s identity as a Deadman and resistance leader is difficult to deduce from his appearance. Certainly, he appears to be a gentle and fragile man who would never harm a soul, but anyone who has seen Deadman Wonderland realizes that this is not the case. Nagi has gone insane, and in a matter of a few seconds, he can transform from a calm commander into an uncontrollable demon.

Nagi is losing his sanity as a result of his terrible history. He got the love of his life inside the confines of Deadman Wonderland and attempted to start a family together. Yet if they had been permitted to be happy, it would not have been Deadman Wonderland. Nagi, who was waiting to hold his child, was instead thrown into the Carnival Corpse during a fight with his pregnant wife. Regardless of the fact that he lost on intent, he was convicted to be disloyal to do that and permanently lost his love and future child.

3. Toto Sakigami

Deadman Wonderland

Weak humans are irresponsible and distrustful, prefer to blame others and let them suffer

Toto Sakigami, also known as Mockingbird, is a strange Deadman who is feared even by Senji. Toto is a strange boy clothed identically to Shiro who is both the strongest and the craziest of the Deadmen.

Toto had an elder sister who had perished protecting him in the terrible earthquake before he was imprisoned. Love Labyrinth is his ultimate power, and it enables him to duplicate and use the skills of other Deadmen. He is even reported to become the only person who has survived a battle with the Wretched Egg.

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The thought that Toto is a hollow vessel adds to the tragedy of his predicament. For everything he’s had to go through in his life, he’s lost a lot of his individuality and is now just a conduit for his incredible abilities. Toto is almost devoid of free will, and despite his infantile appearance and powerful talents, he has lost much of his humanity.

4. Kiyomasa Senji

Deadman Wonderland

If depending on others is a specialty of kids, then acting all cool is a specialty of adults.

After Shiro, Crow aka Kiyomasa Senji is the first Deadman Ganta encounters while imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. He is a tall, sturdily built man who enjoys combat, which allows him to enjoy life in prison and the Carnival Corpse Matches. The Crow Claws are his Branch of Sin power, which he uses to create scythe blades on his arms that attack at the speed of the sound he calls Invisible Black.

Senji had the first letters of his comrades’ names tattooed just on the right side of his forehead as a commemoration of his teammates  Shindō, Momoi, Kan, and his mentor Domon, whom he had lost to Akatsuki while killing him.

Ganta befriends Senji, and he becomes one of the few helpful individuals he encounters inside Deadman Wonderland. Ganta is not only trained by the former cop but he is also taught whatever he knew well about Deadmen and becoming a member of a Carnival Corpse.

Regardless of the fact that he’ll have to compete in dangerous games, Senji has always been dedicated and easygoing. Senji is a true warrior at heart, and he keeps a straight face no matter what life throws at him.