Dororo Season 2 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season to Those Ronin Adventures Filled With Demons?

The remarkable anime Dororo will capture your attention from the very first episode onward thanks to its novel storyline. The anime features intriguing plot lines that start to play out straight away that will have you seated the entire time, and it is causing fans to wait a long time for a Dororo Season 2 Release Date.

Amongst the most-watched dark fantasy anime shows in recent times is Dororo. The original manga work by Osamu Tezuka, which was authored as well as illustrated by himself only, served as the inspiration for the anime. Even though many fans of anime are familiar with the anime’s 2019 iteration, one of the original anime productions was indeed the Dororo anime in 1969 including its earlier iteration.

Nevertheless, the 24-episode anime series from Amazon Prime debuted in 2019.  One of several biggest anime studios in Japan, MAPPA Studio, produced Dororo. The God of High School and the 2020 anime Jujutsu Kaisen were both produced by MAPPA. The television show attracted audiences from January 7, 2019, until June 24, 2019, all across the world, owing to Amazon.

After such a successful debut season, the anime decided to discontinue the show. Fans are currently asking when they will get to know about the Dororo season 2  release date. Now let us start by thinking back on the program just to see what we already know about the upcoming season.

What Will Be the Dororo Season 2 Release Date?

Dororo season 2 release date

It is questionable whether Dororo anime will ever receive a continuation from production house Mappa. But the very first season is apparently being redubbed into English and would be released this summer via DVD and digitally, as per the Anime News Network.

Even though a Dororo season 2 release date isn’t planned, it is always feasible that somehow a new release of previously produced material can increase the show’s popularity globally and motivate its producers to work on it again.

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Nevertheless, there are currently no indications that an extension is approaching. The narrative is rather brief relative to another manga adaptation, but since there are simply three complete volumes of the source manga, there won’t be as much to convert in future seasons. But, they can also work the anime in a sequel or a prequel way, still, we don’t know anything about it.

However, based on the release timeline for season 1, we can anticipate the Dororo season 2 release date to be scheduled for early 2023 if we continue to be optimistic about the next season. Just a hunch.

What Will Be the Storyline of the Anime?

Dororo season 2 release date

Hyakkimaru, the primary protagonist of Dororo, is a ronin. Hyakkimaru had been born with missing internal organs, some facial structure, and even limbs. This resulted from his father’s transgressions in striking a fatal bargain with 48 devils. Those demons are free to wander the land and cause destruction.

Throughout Dororo season 1, a Warring States-era Japanese lord promises to do anything for the demon who aids him in ruling and preserving the land. He, therefore, takes the child to such a midwife for disposal after his desire is achieved even though his baby is born without several of his organs. Rather than do that,  because she has the willpower to do so, she puts the baby in a canoe and sends him down to the river.

Young Hyakkimaru is found by a sage, who teaches him how to become a ronin warrior while creating new organs that replace the old ones he’s lost. A former orphan became a robber named Dororo joins him on a quest to destroy the monsters that already have devoured his body parts while gradually rebuilding him.

High hopes have been placed on the second season. A significant mystery from the first season needs to be resolved in season 2.

Initially, Hyakkimaru was correct. They might meet up again, according to Hyakkimaru. This should take place some way. We are confident both Dororo and Hyakkimaru would reunite, as Hyakkimaru promised, although not in the same bodily functions. A young man named Hyakkimaru stood and grinned at Dororo in the final episode of Dororo as a wonderfully grown Dororo ran in a golden setting reminiscent of Inaho.

This scene suggests that perhaps the two will cross paths again. The conclusion’s narration included Biwamaru‘s words, “The destinations of those two are not all bloody.”

Dororo season 2 release date

That was a description that led us to believe both Hyakkimaru and Dororo have such a promising future yet in the realm of war. Biwamaru had recommended Hyakkimaru and Dororo. His comments are an excellent guide from a neutral position.

The purpose of Hyakkimaru’s quest will become increasingly significant in their connection in season 2. After several years of anticipation, Dororo would be a stunning young woman eager for this rendezvous. Season 2 will be made richer by their unique soul connections, which resemble an invisible key. We’ll be able to keep a closer eye on their interaction.

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But just like there is darkness inside the light, the past was filled with confrontations, retaliation, and light. Yet they do not intend for it to be over. Season 2 will feature some unexpected people that will effect some changes. Those modifications appear to have an impact on Dororo as well and show that the anime will continue to be a dark-fantasy genre only.

Also, the first season of the original manga was all there was. The second season will thus need to be a brand-new plot that was originally created. According to fan theories, Itachi will become the major enemy of Dororo in season 2 and would be driven by retaliation toward Hyakkimaru and Dororo. Season 2 will probably take place years from the first.

Who Will Be Seen in the Anime Again?

Dororo season 2 release date

Even after an interval of several years among seasons, it seems unlikely that the voice casting of the Dororo anime will undergo a considerable shift. Just Japanese voice actors have indeed been made publicly aware of their involvement in the project because there isn’t an English translation for the show that is currently accessible to watch.

Rio Suzuki played the part of Dororo, Mugihito played the part of the narration, Hiroki Suzuki acted the role of Hyakkimaru, Mutsumi Sasaki took on the role of Biwamaru, Naoya Uchida played the role of father of each year Daigo Kagemitsu, while Shoya Chiba played the part of Tahomaru. The part of Jukai, the benevolent instructor who rescues the organ-less infant and offers him his name, was played by Akio Tsuka.


As the Dororo Season 2 release date is not out yet and the season itself is yet to be renewed, we don’t have any update regarding the release of the trailer of the anime. So for now, let’s enjoy the trailer of season 1, as we wait hopefully for the new season.