Shaman King Season 4: the Epic Saga of Shamans Packed With Spirits and Rigorous Battles, Is Finally Coming to a Close on Netflix!

Shaman King’s official reboot anime show ended its stroll overseas sooner this year with Shaman King season 4, and so now fans throughout international territories will indeed be able to see how it all ends with a special new trailer from Netflix, which is preparing for the series’ final episodes to hit in the United States!

Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King follows Yoh Asakura as he tries to improve his shaman skills in order to win the Shaman Fight and become the Shaman King. Takei selected shamanism as the show’s principal theme because he wanted to address a subject that had not been tackled before in manga.

So, here’s what we know so far about the final season.

Shaman King Season 4: When Did the New Season Release?

Shaman King Season 4

The Shaman King anime adapted from the manga series and also from the anime adaptation of 2002,  were released on Netflix approximately every two months. It had been since August of 2021. Shaman King season 4 got available on Netflix on May 26, 2022. In Japan, it is also shown on Tokyo TV and a few other TX Network stations. In addition, four Blu-ray disc packs featuring 13 episodes each were published. It brought the total number of episodes to 52.

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The internet is also buzzing with speculation about whether or not the Shaman King Netflix original series will be renewed. The conclusion is, sadly, yes. The fourth season of the Shaman King anime series is expected to be the final installment.

But don’t worry, there will be a sequel series from the creators, so yeah the Shaman action will be continued.

Shaman King Season 4: What Is the Storyline of the Anime?

Shaman King Season 4

Shaman King is about Yoh Asakura, a shaman who serves as a link between the living and the dead worlds. Yoh wants to win the Shaman Fight, a competition controlled by the Patch Tribe that takes place once every 500 years, in order to become Shaman King, a person who can channel the power of the Great Spirit to transform the world as they choose.

Yoh’s fiancée, Anna Kyoyama, arrives shortly after and recommends a rigorous training routine to prepare him for the competition. Thus begins the plot that would take Yoh on a voyage that will see him meet Manta Oyamada and other shamans such as “Wooden Sword” Ryu, Tao Ren, Horohoro, and Faust VIII.

Yoh’s group journeyed to America, merged by Lyserg Diethel, to cross the final trial for the chance to fight in the Shaman Fight, but they run into a group of shamans led by Yoh’s estranged twin brother Hao Asakura, a reincarnation of a powerful shaman who wants to wipe out all humans but instead create a society for shamans.

The X-Laws, an organization bent on assassinating Hao, are also encountered, with Lyserg joining them. In a sequence of three matches, Yoh’s squad is reinforced by Joco McDonnell, who is also known as Chocolove McDonnell.

Shaman King Season 4

Following multiple matches, Yoh’s group, the X-Laws, as well as Hao’s team are the only ones left. The team members forfeit the game as a tactic to stop Hao whereas he undertakes a procedure to combine with the Great Spirit while Gandhara obtains the Patch Tribe’s five elemental spirits, but besides being backed by the Gandhara group throughout selecting Yoh, Ren, Horohoro, Lyserg, as well as Joco as that of the five legendary warriors.

Yoh and his comrades beat 10 Patch tribesmen who are sworn to defend the new Shaman King, but they are powerless to stop Hao from bringing their souls and the souls of everybody they know into the Great Spirit as he begins his objective of annihilating all human life.

However, Yoh and his allies obtain the elemental spirits and combat Hao alongside his friends and supporters, showing that their true objective is to ensure Hao does not misuse his abilities. Hao’s prayer for somebody to resurrect his mother’s spirit was granted by the Great Spirit. Hao’s mother is taken to the Great Spirit with Anna’s help.

Seeing all this, Hao decided to delay his plan to exterminate humans in order to view how Yoh and his pals will improve the world after being persuaded by his mother to pardon humanity for her death. Hana Asakura awaits at a station again for five legendary warriors including his parents, Yoh and Anna, seven years later.

Shaman King Season 4: Who Are the Main Cast in the Anime?

Shaman King Season 4

The cast members are expected to be much like before.

Yoh Asakura, played by Yōko Hikasa, is a laid-back adolescent with the power to sense ghosts. He immediately befriends Manta and then reveals that he really is in training to be the Shaman King. Yoh Asakura’s fiancée, Anna Kyoyama who is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, is a powerful itako with the capacity to summon and harness spirits from Heaven.

Then there’s Manta Oyamada, who is portrayed by Inuko Inuyamais and is Yoh’s best friend as well as the first human to strive to comprehend Yoh without prejudice.

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Hiroki Nanami would take over the role as Hao Asakura. He is the main villain of Shaman King and the twin brother of Yoh. He is presently the second reincarnation of his initial form. He is by far the most powerful player in the Shaman Tournament, with a Furyoku level of 1,250,000, which is exceptionally high in comparison to the Furyoku levels of the other players in Shaman King.


The Shaman King season 4 trailer implies that now the “end” is near. Central characters notably Yoh and Ana are also seen preparing for a final showdown.

The remake of Shaman King is remarkable since it is the first production of the franchise to include Takei’s whole version of the tale. So, sit back and enjoy this supernatural Shonen anime trailer, as well as the entire series of mighty Shamans fighting in epic battles on Netflix.

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