Tiger & Bunny 2: the NEXT Have Finally Returned After the Long Time of 11 Years!

Tiger & Bunny was a 2011 Japanese animated series. On a game series named Hero TV, where crime-fighting superheroes are featured. The anime has been given a season 2, which got premiered in April 2022.

The sitcom Tiger & Bunny 2 returned after an eleven-year break with a new narrative and a captivating plotline. For a unique premise, the very first season was indeed a surprising smash.

The anime features Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, a seasoned hero inhabiting Stern Bild City, in which a select few lucky people are born with extraordinary abilities and are called NEXT.

Ones who put their abilities to fair use by fighting the bad guys, collecting Hero Points, and advertising the sponsors at the very same time are frequently featured on Hero TV. But the matter gets worse when Kotetsu has been required to work with Barnaby Brooks Jr., who possesses a mindset that is diametrically opposed to Kotetsu’s.

So, here’s what we know so far about these superheroes.

Tiger & Bunny 2: When Did the Anime Premiered?

Tiger & Bunny 2

TIGER & BUNNY’s first season broadcast in Japan from April 3, 2011, to September 18, 2011. The show was picked up globally and shown around the world, with a total of 25 episodes.

On April 2, 2020, Tiger & Bunny’s second season was announced. The Tiger & Bunny 2 was released on Netflix on April 8, 2022. It was announced that the season will feature 25 episodes, just like the first.

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But, this time it would be broken down into two parts, the first of which would premiere in April 2022 and would comprise 13 episodes. The second installment of Tiger and Bunny 2 may get scheduled to launch in late 2022 with the rest of the episodes, but no official details have been released.

While we awaited the premiere of the new season, the franchise released a number of films and spin-offs. Around September 2018, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill, a partly adapted spin-off anime show, was launched.

In September 2012, and February 2014, respectively, two anime movies, Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning as well as Tiger and Bunny: The Rising, were premiered.

Tiger & Bunny 2: What’s the Storyline of the New Anime?

Tiger & Bunny 2 plot

We witnessed Tiger and Bunny aka Barnaby and Kotetsu conquer their dislike for one another and become trustworthy partners in the first season. They work together to protect the city and collect points in a cooperative manner.

When Tiger was going to announce his retirement to the world, the world turned on him, and he had to postpone his retirement to protect himself. He was accused of murder and had to defend himself against Bunny and his friends.

They realized that Maverick, the chairman of “Hero TV,” was the real villain who arranged the entire affair as well as being the real murderer of Barnaby’s parents after Kaeda, his daughter, protected him and gave everyone’s memories back with the use of her power.

As Maverick is captured by everyone, he uses his abilities to format his memories and transforms himself into a brain-dead yet alive individual. But, he got killed by a maniac with a strange sense of social justice on the way to jail.

Tiger and Bunny eventually proclaim their comeback from the frontlines and rather than protect the city like 2nd league fighters after things calm down.

Tiger & Bunny 2 plot

The first season primarily focused on Barnaby and Kotetsu’s life and the obstacles they face before they began to rely on one another as companions.

They grow to believe each other and develop a habit of predicting each other’s actions. There was a shift of focus in Tiger and Bunny 2. Instead of focusing solely on Barnaby and Kotetsu’s lifestyles, the script begins by introducing other characters. Agnes, who has practically unrecognizable looks, is the leader of a new project in town.

Although it’s been a long period of time, her spirit has not changed. Our heroes, as well as Saito, the man in charge of designing and upgrading their suits, are surprised by Agnes, yet they sensibly remain silent. They do, shockingly, have common sense.

Agnes presented the buddy program to some of the other heroes after Barnaby and Kotetsu were such a hit. All of the heroes are paired. Barnaby and Kotetsu take over as the veteran tandem to guide these new pairs of superheroes, instilling team spirit and guiding them throughout their problems to understand one another.

Several other characters were brought into the spotlight, giving the anime a diverse range of ultimate superpowers.

Tiger & Bunny 2: Who Are Returning to the Anime?

Tiger & Bunny 2 cast

The very same notification that announced the Tiger & Bunny 2’s launch date of April 2022 also indicated that the first season’s cast would continue for the second season. In addition, we discovered that Mitsuko Kase will be replacing Keiichi Satou as the director.

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At first, we have Hiroaki Hirata who plays the role of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi aka Wild Tiger, with Masakazu Morita in the role of Barnaby Brooks Jr. aka Bunny.

Then there’s Go Inoue, who will be voicing the role of Keith Goodman aka Sky High, and Hiroshi Iwasaki will be seen in the role of Saito, Keiji Fujiwe will be voicing Jake Martinez, and Katsuhisa Houki will be portraying the role of Ben Jackson.


On December 21, 2021, Netflix launched the first teaser for Tiger & Bunny 2. On March 12, 2022, a full trailer got published, including some fascinating details about the following season and its ultimate superheroes safeguarding the globe.

So, let’s enjoy this fantastic trailer for the new season as we wait for the second half of the season to premiere with the remaining episodes.

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