Chicago Med Season 7: Top Cliffhangers Which We Really Look Forward to Get Solved in the Next Season!

The Chicago Med season 7 conclusion of was intense, with a couple of characters’ lives being changed in the last moments.

Chicago Med viewers are no doubt as busy processing the Season 7 finale’s cliffhangers and emotional scenes as the show’s creators are brainstorming up with eight-word twist endings for the series’s forthcoming Season 8, which premieres in the fall of 2022.

In the sense that it concludes the season, “And Now We Come to the End” is a well-called conclusion. The finale, on the other hand, appears to open additional possibilities filled with questions, implying that some of those openings could have been best left closed.

The Chicago Med season 7 finale has all the makings of a tremendous hour, and we didn’t expect anything less. This narrative gave us an opportunity to see the doctors deal with some challenging patients, as well as some sad times that kept us all on the edge of our seats with those intense cliffhangers.

1. Intense Fight of Survival!

Chicago Med season 7

When the hitman attacked Milena, Dylan pulled him off and got shot. Milena understood it was not safe to stay, so she escaped, only to discover she had been wounded in the struggle as well. She’s hardly going to make it alive that far before seeing a doctor, based on the amount of bleeding.

Dylan could not really leave the person behind to die in a burning building, even though he realized he was indeed a mafia member and a major threat. He put his life on the line that would save him, and so did Halstead, who overheard the bullets and returned to assist Dylan. That’s when they found themselves stranded in a hallway with no way out, surrounded on all sides by flames.

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The renowned Chicago shows are famous for creating finales that will include fireworks which will put at least one of its actors in danger. All-time fans will know that this isn’t always the type of circumstance where the characters can just flee as the new season begins. It’s a long-standing franchise practice to kill off characters in the season finale, which is why Chicago Fire actor Joe Minoso believes the finale always bothers “One Chicago” stars.

But don’t worry as neither Halstead nor Dylan dies in the episode, so at the very least they live to serve for another day. But, it is still worrisome, because we cannot expect anything from this unpredictable show.

2. A Relationship Question!

Chicago Med season 7

Halstead and Hannah disagree over what to do when a patient’s boyfriend admits that he’s been trying to break up with his girlfriend, who now is planning to give her kidney to him.

Although it was evident that Halstead already had thought up his decision about how to handle the information, he spoke to Hannah. He didn’t want to jeopardize Owen‘s prospects of receiving an organ transplant since if Julia declined, Owen would have had to wait several years for another chance.

Hannah, on the other hand, said that Julia was being misled into the transplants and that she had all the right to know the reality.

Owen ended up meeting Hannah, who urged him to confess to Julia the truth. And we all were delighted he listened to her as she was fair. He eventually told Julia about the situation, and while Julia was heartbroken by the breakup, she didn’t let it stop her from proving that she cherished Owen regardless of whatever.

This particular episode showed a lot of love, but it also brings the question of, what would happen to Halstead and Hannah, can we expect something again, or will they just remain the friendly neighbors. This particular mystery will be carried out in the next season.

3. A Love Triangle!

Chicago Med season 7

Dr. Pamela Blake and Dr. Crockett Marcel have been coping with a highly dramatic romantic drama issue owing to Marcel’s earlier involvement with Blake’s daughter Avery Quinn, and the conclusion of Chicago Med Season 7 is not a good one for either.

As Blake’s health problems necessitate surgery, things become worse, and Avery isn’t happy to learn how her mother has given Marcel power of attorney even during surgery rather than her. Everything goes bad, which forces Marcel to make a difficult decision, which appears to deteriorate Blake’s health even worse.

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A surgeon with a poor sense of touch is in a terrible predicament, and regardless of the fact that perhaps the three had almost managed to neutralize their dilemma even before the occurrences of this episode, it’s evident that there would be plenty of melodrama in this front in Season 8 of Chicago Med.

Given the episode’s other significant cliffhanger’s action-packed setting, it’s wonderful to see that Chicago Med Season 7’s ending also maintains its medical drama roots by adding a major medical narrative line that will almost surely continue over to upcoming installments.

4. A Crossover with Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med season 7

Aside from the plainly apparent indication that the real heroes of Firehouse 51 might show up to help Halstead and Scott and cope with their building fire problem at the start of Chicago Med Season 8, the Season 7 finale also appears to set up a potential crossovers plotline with Chicago P.D.

After all, Scott’s patient, the undercover detective named Jo, has already had her cover revealed, which is why he’s at Halstead’s mysteriously blazing apartment complex in the first place. This indicates that she is being pursued by deadly criminals, as well as a corrupt cop within her department.

Most of this sounds customized for a future “Chicago P.D.” crossover episode, particularly since Hank Voight’s Intelligence Unit knows the first thing or two regarding corrupted cops. Detective Jay Halstead, no doubt, will be curious to learn how his brother’s life come to be in jeopardy.

Although that remains to be seen if the “Chicago P.D.” team gets engaged, it’s almost certain that at least one police officer, Scott’s father Lieutenant Reggie Scott, as the intended receiver of Jo’s evidence, will appear prominently in the near future of Chicago Med. That’s anybody’s guess how it will play out because the character, like his son, is a newcomer to the “One Chicago” universe.

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