Tatami Time Machine Blues: the Long Awaited Tatami Galaxy Sequel Is Finally Coming!

The Tatami Galaxy is without a doubt one of the most well-known adventure anime series. Despite this, the time travel tale manages to capture the interest of fans. The anime does not appear to have lost its allure after over a decade of absence. This is why, as Tatami Time Machine Blues Anime was first unveiled, fans were giddy with anticipation.

Time Machine Blues was written as a follow-up to the Tatami Galaxy campus novel, which was published in July 2020. Morimi‘s novel Tatami Time Machine Blues is indeed a sequel to The Tatami Galaxy aka Yoj-Han Shinwa Taikei. It was released in July 2020, 16 years after the publication of the original novel. The novel is based on Makoto Ueda’s stage piece Summer Time Machine Blues.

The book was written by Morimi, and the initial premise was created by Ueda, a friend of Morimi’s. The following novel blends parts of both the stage play’s plot with Morimi’s novel’s characters. Nakamura is back to designing the cover.

So, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming anime.

Tatami Time Machine Blues: When Is the Anime Coming?

Tatami Time Machine Blues 1

In 2021, Tomihiko Morimi’s Tatami Time Machine Blues novel inspired a television anime, according to the official YouTube account of Fuji TV‘s Noitamina anime programming block.

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The team for Tomihiko Morimi’s Tatami Time Machine Blues aka Yoj-Han Time Machine Blues novel’s television anime revealed in April 2022 that now the anime’s theatrical collection movie adaptation will begin its brief three-week run on September 30.

Tatami Time Machine Blues: What Will Be the Storyline of the Anime?

Tatami Time Machine Blues plot

Tatami Time Machine Blues’ storyline is a little strange in idea, yet it works really well on paper. On a beautiful day of summer, the protagonist destroys the single air conditioner inside the dormitory’s remote control. Now that the majority of the summer has passed, Ozu needs to collaborate with Akashi to repair the remote. However, they end up damaging the remote to the point that it is no longer usable.

An ordinary individual would anticipate the pupils to purchase a new remote in response to such a narrative. However, this is not the case! In Yoj-Han Time Machine Blues, our protagonist travels back and forth through time with the assistance of a trained time traveler, attempting to correct mistakes that ultimately resulted in the destruction of the remote.

Because this upcoming anime is a sequel to The Tatami Galaxy and features multiple characters, it has a large fan base. The sequel’s plot differs slightly from the first.

The Tatami Galaxy is a story about an unidentified third-year senior at Kyoto University who uses parallel universes as a plot device to examine how things would have been different if he had entered a specific student club called a “circle” in Japan.

Tatami Time Machine Blues plot 1

The protagonist or ‘I’ (Watashi in Japanese) joins a circle as a student, and yet is dissatisfied whenever the activities don’t really lead to the idealistic “rose-colored university life” he envisioned. He encounters Ozu, a fellow student, who encourages him to embark on a morally dubious mission.

He develops feelings for Akashi, a second-year engineering major, and makes a commitment to her, which is usually accompanied by a romantic undertone.

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He comes across a fortune teller that cryptically advises him about an opening “dangling” in the front of his eyes, this reminds him of a mochiguman keyring lost by Akashi and found by the protagonist, that he hangs from a pull switch in his house and forgets to return to her.

The dubious assignment fails miserably for the protagonist, prompting him to lament the status of his life and speculate on how things might have turned out differently if he had entered a different circle. Time travels backward, and the protagonist resurfaces as a freshman in a new circle in the following episode.

Tatami Time Machine Blues: Who Are Coming Back for Some Time-travel Fun?

Tatami Time Machine Blues cast

Because of its incredible cast and characters, the anime became a classic. The majority of the members of the cast will reprise their roles in the sequel anime, including Shintarō Asanuma, who plays the protagonist or “I” (Watashi), who is an unidentified university student in Kyoto who reflects on his two years of university life.

He attended college only with hopes to find a “rose-colored campus life” while falling in love with a “raven-haired lady,” though he is often disappointed when he fails to meet his goals. He is a shy, self-centered individual who is easily misled by others.

Then there’s Ozu, played by Hiroyuki Yoshino, a troubled student that claims to be linked to the protagonist by a black thread of destiny and who frequently urges him to make ethically dubious decisions. His nefarious character is embodied by his pallid and eerie look, which resembles that of a yōkai.

Following that comes Akashi, who is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto and is an engineering student who’s really frequently the object of the protagonist’s affections and frequently appears in the very same club as the protagonist. She seems to have a cold and logical mentality, but also has a tender side and is helpful to the protagonist. She has a terrible phobia of moths.

Instead of the late Keiji Fujiwara, Kazuya Nakai will play the role of Seitarō Higuchi.  Although he claims to be a Kami of matchmaking in the very first episode, Higuchi is indeed known as “Master Higuchi” or simply “Shishō” (Master). He is an eighth-year super senior and lives in the same dorm as the protagonist.

Aijima will be voiced by Setsuji Satō, a member in the film circle that covertly heads the Secret Society Lucky Cat Chinese Restaurant.  Chikara Honda of Europe Kikaku is also repeating his role as Tamura-Kun out from the Summer Time Machine Blues theater play and following the live-action film.



Fortunately, the long-awaited trailer is out, so as we wait for the sequel anime to get released, let’s enjoy this very interesting trailer.