SpyxFamily GN 7: What New Fun Encounter Has Landed in the Forger Family?

A family with a top spy, skilled assassin, and a cute telepath!

The Spy x Family is a manga that takes a unique approach to the shonen genre. Rather than demon armies and unrestricted power, we get to see a glimpse into the lives of undercover agent Loid Forger and his fictitious family.

Although his extensive experience in the spy business, he is surprised to be assigned to Operation Strix. The highly classified mission requires him to find a wife and child in a week in need to attend a social function at a prominent school attended by politicians and business figures.

Tatsuya Endo‘s Spy x Family is a Japanese manga series.  The premise revolves around a spy who must “create a family” in order to complete a task, unaware that now the child he adopted as his daughter is a telepath and the lady he chooses to marry is a deadly assassin.

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With the increasing storyline, fans want more fun from the forger family and SpyxFamily GN 7 is just that.

So, here’s what we have in store for SpyxFamily GN 7.

SpyxFamily GN 7: When did volume 7 got released?


Since March 2019, the manga series has been serialized biweekly on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app and website, with the chapters being collected in nine tankbon volumes by April 2022. Viz Media was the North American distributor. The series has approximately 18 million copies in circulation as of May 2022.

With a page count of 200, the SpyxFamily GN 7 got released on April 5, 2022. The English version was released by Viz Media.

SpyxFamily GN 7: What’s the storyline of this volume?


Anya has now actually given Loid the opportunity to meet Donovan Desmond in person.  Then again, Damien’s relationship with his strict father doesn’t appear to be going well at all, and Loid’s Twilight skills would not be enough to pull this off. Bond has a horrific premonition of his own imminent fate while on the job, Yor helps Franky find a missing cat, and Anya tries her hardest to get her hands on a magical pastry that would increase her IQ. So, right now it is a typical Forger family.

Bond, however, is the real limelight in this SpyxFamily GN 7, since he receives a chapter in which he has a glimpse of insight that seems to indicate that his time is running out. Bond goes through a multitude of situations in his head in his attempt to sort out what might save him.

Yor comes the closest with her offering of food, but it’s the meal that Bond fears would kill him, so he leaves the house to find Twilight, who, of course, has his own ideas about what the dog needs. It’s especially good because most of it is done in wordless visions in Bond’s head. After that, we have a little side story about Bond averting death by refusing to eat Yor’s food.


Which strongly indicates that Twilight was summoned to undertake a task. Following that, we get a look inside Yuri‘s life as a member of the SSS as he chases down the publisher of a writer who now is circulating false information. Finally, we are at the start of our new primary plot arc. Yor is summoned for a mission, but it isn’t to assassinate anyone. Instead, she must protect a mother and her child while they flee to a foreign country as a favor.

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Because they’ll be traveling by water, she’ll need to board the ship as a safety net in case things go wrong. At the same time, Anya wins a lottery to go on a cruise… on the same yacht where Yor is working. So, yeah a new cruise adventure in the forger family.

Is the Manga worth reading?


The seventh volume gives the best structure of its predecessors, yet this isn’t a major idea. This book gives everyone a chance to shine, which balances perfectly with the main plot. In the SpyxFamily GN 7, it’s a shame Yor has to share her journey with Franky because Endo still doesn’t know what to do with her as a character. This series is worth watching because it is as entertaining as the previous novels and reinforces this series as one worth following.

Does the manga have an anime?

Wit Studio and CloverWorks adapted The Spy x Family into an anime comedy series, which aired on TV Tokyo and its affiliated channels in April 2022 and was licensed by Muse Communication in Asia and Crunchyroll globally.

Spy X Family got televised in two parts, totaling 24 episodes. The first episode got debuted on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, and TVQ Kyushu on Saturday, April 9 at 11 p.m. JST. Crunchyroll and Netflix both have the series available.

Right now the fans are waiting for Episode 6 to launch on 14, May 2022.

The storyline till now has quite evolved. Anya enrolled into Eden College early on a technicality, but that doesn’t relevant when it comes to Operation Strix, as shown in Spy x Family Episode 5. Twilight is overjoyed that he won’t have to start all over again. And the Forgers honor Anya’s major achievement with their most absurd “mission” yet.

The actual job of Operation Strix begins now that Anya has been accepted into Eden College. Twilight’s mission could be complicated on her first day of school. And it appears like Yor will have some problems in Spy x Family Episode 6.

So, as you read the SpyxFamily GN 7, and wait for the next installment of the manga series that will bring many action scenes and cute moments involving the Forger family. We all are very excited, but for now, let’s just enjoy the cute animated Anya and encounter her adventures again with the anime trailer above.