Rocket League Season 7: the Shiny and Glittery Cars Are Finally Ready to Play the Battle of Football Within Those Video Game Consoles!

Rocket League Season 7 is returning as a car soccer game. Numerous people have appreciated it, and it has maintained its appeal by launching new versions every few months.

It already has grown in popularity over the years to the point where the makers have made the series available for Esports. Each Rocket League Esports tournament sees thousands of dollars awarded. Rocket League is indeed a famous video game with a soccer theme. Psyonix designed and launched the game.

The game was already launched for Microsoft Windows as well as PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with Nintendo Switch but also Xbox One editions following later. The game’s graphics and overall presentation, as well as the progression of battle cars during gameplay, were acclaimed very high.

Rocket League Season 7 has arrived, bringing with it among the most massive modifications to the history of the game. Most people will be ignorant of the necessity for the modification, which was prompted by a well-known freestyler’s discovery that perhaps the ball moves faster up particular edges than some others. Therefore, let’s learn everything there is to know about these stunning soccer cars.

Rocket League Season 7: When Did the Game Launch?

Rocket League Season 7

Season 7 was revealed first at Summer Game Fest through the Epic Games Store Summer Showcase, and this will be released on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

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The latest season will begin around 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, with such a game update accessible for installation the day before at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

What Is the Gameplay for This Season?

Rocket League Season 7

Season 7 will feature a whole new Rocket Pass and also a multitude of new glittery cosmetics to collect. A teaser released at the same time as the release date confirmation showcased some of the new features players can expect, including a revamped arena and much more.

There would be no shortage of great attractions and content for gamers to enjoy, including the redesigned Utopia Coliseum Gilded Arena, the new Rocket Pass, and indeed the Summer Anniversary Event.

Rocket League Season 7’s Utopia Coliseum is enjoying a bright new appearance, with multiple golden sculptures representing the game’s original cars, as well as various gold-tinted details and coloring across the play area.

Rocket League Season 7 additionally introduces a brand new tournament to start off the summer and commemorate the game’s seventh anniversary. There would also be a special Limited-Time Event accessible later this summer. The new Rocket Pass to has arrived alongside Rocket League Season 7, which contains The Maestro car, The Marble Floor decal, Carat Cutter wheels, as well as more.

Rocket League Season 7

Players would be able to buy a brand new rocket pass whenever a new season gets published, which also will allow them access to 100 levels of accessible content. This is yet another opportunity for players to earn rewards, and as they approach level 100, they will still get higher treats.

Lastly, Rocket League Season 7 will include a fresh Competitive Season. Gamers who competed in the Competitive Season of Season 6 would also earn their Season 6 awards. All participants will receive Universal Decals as part of the prize package.

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Gamers who attain the Grand Champion or Supersonic Legend ranks would also receive exclusive Titles.

Player receives rewards during the new season, which will contain diverse stuff like paints, smoke trails, and so much more. Players would be able to obtain these rewards in a variety of ways, including everyday events, and they will be unveiled over the following few months.

What Are the Other New Changes?

Rocket League Season 7

The Rocket League season 7 has seen a lot of changes, which is one of the things that makes the tournament even stronger.

In the new Season 7, Custom Training has been updated, bringing some long-awaited improvements to the league. Again for time being, let’s keep things shallow because Psyonix is tinkering with the graphics. The panel and user interface both seem a lot cleaner.

This, though, clearly may not be the most significant modification. Well with the release of Rocket League Season 7, training packages or advancement will be managed differently. There are some other modifications to the method shot navigation operates, that is PC players are very very excited right now.

The best features and changes are that Rocket League’s Utopia Coliseum Arena is gaining a brand-new design, and it really is a dazzling one. Numerous golden sculptures of Rocket League cars, as well as a variety of other glittering elements, can be seen throughout the new Arena. Only make sure you don’t get sidetracked by the glitzy new surroundings when you’re in the middle of a match.

In addition, Psyonix is releasing a new type of “Golden Painted” item. Because they coat your cars in gold, those cosmetics are almost as dazzling as the latest season gets, yet they won’t be available to everybody. That is, they’re exclusively available inside the Pro Tiers of the whole season’s Rocket Pass, so as you can actually earn those at level 70, Psyonix warns that Golden Items may require gamers to reach level 150.


Rocket League is a supersonic adventurous rocket-powered car game with the exclusive theme of Luxury this season. Throughout this game, players must score goals while riding their motorized cars. If indeed the teams are deadlocked after five minutes, a split will be utilized to decide the winner. The player can leap into the sky, build up speed, strike the ball, shove it, and escape it.

There seems to be an online mode wherein users can compete against higher-ranked competitors. Psyonix always has made a conscious effort to keep its devoted fans up to date.

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