Street Fighter 6: The Ultimate Combat Franchise Is Coming With Another Series of Game!

The Street Fighter, shortened as SF or Suto, is a Capcom-developed and-published competitive fighting video gaming brand. This franchise began in 1987 with the publication of the very first game, which was succeeded by six more main series titles, numerous spin-offs including crossovers, and countless appearances in other media. T

The Street Fighter II, which was released in 1991 and became a best-seller, defined several of the traditions of the famous “one-on-one” combat genre. Street Fighter is among Capcom’s core series which is one of the top video game titles of all time, with a cumulative sales of 47 million units globally as of September 2021.

It really is the highest-grossing battle royale series produced of all time, with sales of 500,000 arcade units totaling US$12.2 billion. Street Fighter 6 will become the next version in Capcom’s popular fighting game series, and gamers are hungry to know everything about the new game, as fast as possible.

Capcom released a trailer for Street Fighter 6 on their official Street Fighter YouTube account in February 2022, making February 2022 an intriguing month for fighting gamers. Then, in June 2022, we got our first look at some gameplay and 3 distinct modes for the fighter during the PlayStation State of Play.

Fans will be thrilled with anticipation for the upcoming game, and Capcom will try to offer precisely what fighting game professionals want to see in Street Fighter 6.

So, let’s see how far we know about the upcoming game.

Street Fighter 6: When Is the Game Coming?

Street Fighter 6 1

Capcom has stated that the ultimate Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023. We still don’t have a very specific release date or timeframe, so the fighting videogame could arrive at any point in 2023.

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Because Street Fighter 6 is powered by RE Engine, the very same technology that has delivered us magnificent photorealistic visuals in Capcom brands like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, we’re confident that it will be the finest edition in the Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter 6: What Are the New Features in Gameplay?

Street Fighter 6 gameplay

You’ll have noticed improved graphics in every element of the play, it is thanks to the RE Engine. Sweat beads will slide down the skin, muscles will stiffen up when utilized, and beautiful cherry blossom flowers will flitter and swirl in time with the movement of the character.

When you combine this visual improvement with the spectacular streaks of paint and the stunning graffiti treatment, you’ll have a unique aesthetic style for Street Fighter 6.

Every new Street Fighter game introduces new elements that will blow your mind; this time, the Drive System is being introduced. You’ll control this gauge carefully, and it’s fertile ground for creativity. The Drive Gauge can be used to execute five different strategies that can help you improve your attack and defense.

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This Drive Impact is a strong blow that can deflect an opponent’s attack and result in a wall splat. The Drive Parry can be used to deflect your opponent’s strike while also replenishing your Drive Gauge.

Street Fighter 6 gameplay 2

This also allows the gamer to simply close in on every opponent by canceling from a Drive Parry or standard attack into a Drive Rush.

Overdrive Arts work in a similar way as EX Moves from previous games in that they boost Special Moves. So let’s wait for this incredibly inventive Drive system to arrive.

This time the Street Fighter 6 is coming with a new feature of Modern Control Type for everyone. So, if you’re a veteran or a newbie, you can set your own control types. The Modern Control Type allows gamers to have easier controls by merging the “Special Move” button with one-directional touch to execute a special move.

This is ideal for inexperienced gamers or those who have previously found traditional command inputs to be too tough. Only with a few key pushes, your avatar can unleash some of its most spectacular strikes. Okay, it’s fantastic!

Street Fighter 6: What Characters Will Be Seen Again in the Game?

Street Fighter 6 cast

Ok, Street Fighter 6 is coming with many iconic characters. We start with Luke, who teaches mixed martial arts using his experience as a contractor for one private military organization. He passes his free time eating junk food, playing games, and engaging in brawls with strangers. Regardless, he has always been aiming for victory. DDT and Fatal shot are two of his special moves.

Then there’s Jamie, a Chinatown peacekeeper who wishes to follow the lead of Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. Jamie, an accomplished dancer, prioritizes justice and friendship above everything else, using martial arts to protect his neighborhood. The Devil Inside and Luminous Dive Kick (Drink Level 1+) are two of his selected moves.

Then there’s Ryu, who keeps training in his never-ending search for true strength. He tours the world in quest of formidable opponents, and he is well-mannered and sincere. He now aspires toward something better, after overcoming the Satsui no Hado. Hashogeki and Denjin Charge are his moves.

Well, there’s Chun-Li, who was a former International Criminal Police Investigation agent. She currently watches after Li Fen, a victim of Street Fighter V’s Black Moon Incident. Chun-Li also conducts kung fu classes and is now a beloved part of the local community since Shadaloo’s defeat. Tensho Kicks and Serenity Stream are two of her moves.

On What Platforms the Game Will Get Available?

Street Fighter 6 2

For PC gamers, Street Fighter 6 will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. After being limited to Sony systems in its previous edition, the fighting game is now available on Xbox. But, it will only work on Microsoft’s current-gen consoles, while Sony would accept both current and last-gen consoles.


The trailer of Street Fighter 6 has perfectly shown off its amazing animation and teases gamers all around the world. So, let’s watch this trailer as we wait for the game to launch soon.

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