Extreme Hearts: What We Know So Far About the New Sports Anime?

Every now and then, new anime series appear. New stories and their adapted anime gain popularity as the demand for anime develops. Fans are constantly eager to learn about new characters and plots. Masaki Tsuzuki may not be as well-known as some other manga creators, but he has previously created some highly enjoyable works like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Masaki Tsuzuki has returned with a new manga this year, which is going to get an anime adaptation according to recent updates. “Extreme Hearts” is the name of this anime.

At AnimeJapan 2022 this past weekend, further details on the upcoming anime Extreme Hearts from the creator of Nanoha were revealed, including a new key image and a new preview video for the series, as well as a definite release date. Masaki Tsuzuki hasn’t worked on a project since 2018, which means it’s been four years since his last. He has stated in interviews that he devoted his heart and soul to developing the notion.

Extreme Hearts: When Is the Sports Anime Releasing?

Extreme Hearts 1

Masaki Tsuzuki’s Extreme Hearts focuses on the life of Hiwa Hayama. Hyper Sports will become well-known in the near future. People will be enthralled by it. It is well-known among men, women, children, and adults alike.

Extreme Hearts will premiere in July 2022, according to sources. The specific dates for each episode have yet to be announced. The anime’s key visual was unveiled on March 25, 2022.

Extreme Hearts: What’s the Story About?

Extreme Hearts plot

As there is no information available to jot down the plot, it is hard to discuss the story appropriately. We have examined the Extreme Hearts tale and came out with a story.

It’s impossible to know what it’s all about without much source material. Considering Masaki Tsuzuki’s prior works, the anime could feature a powerful magical theme. Two visuals and a trailer have been released so far. Some information can be gleaned from them, but it’s still too early to draw out the complete plot.

The series could fall into a different category. Extreme Hearts’ graphics suggest that the series could be about sports as well as idols. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t appear to be intriguing. Masaki Tsuzuki’s plot description is greatly anticipated. The anime revolves around Hiwa Hayama. Hyper Sports will become well-known in the near future. People will be enthralled by it. It is well-known among men, women, children, and adults alike.

Extreme Hearts plot 2

Hiwa is quite enthusiastic about her singing. Hyper Sports do not pique her interest in the least. She is so gifted that she released her first solo song when she was in middle school. She composed the song entirely by herself. However, she will be forced to join Hyper Sports due to the circumstances.

She’ll meet her most fabulous buddies there. In a nutshell, lifelong pals. Saki Kotaka and Junka Maehara are their names. They had an unshakable bond. Each one of them belongs to a different background.  There is one thing common in them, all 3  were the best in their respective fields, in other words.  Hiwa was a great singer, Saki was a great soccer player, and Junka was indeed the best basketball player.

Extreme Hearts: Who Are Involved in the Production?

Extreme Hearts 2

The story is set in the future, which is different from our time.

Combining the use of support equipment termed “Extreme Gear,” the activities practiced with those are titled “Extreme Sports,” making themselves a very popular interest from youngsters to adults and everyone in between. Hiyori Hayama, a high school vocalist with no intention of or expertise in High-Pass Sports, becomes involved in the scene after a fortuitous encounter leads to an incident.

The anime has shown beautiful art. Hiyori Hayama, In one photo, she is seen singing, while in another, she is seen playing basketball really hard. “Run once more to claim your dreams,” says the text on the picture.

Saki Kotaka is smiling as she listens to Hiyori Hayama in one frame. On the other hand, she is a soccer player (quite furiously). It’s possible that these two figures are linked, but visuals can only provide so much information.

Extreme Hearts is a sports anime that is written by Masaki Tsuzuki and illustrated by Kazaki Yikawa. The anime is directed by Junji Nishi. Original character designs are handled by Waki Ikawa. The anime’s chief animation director is Issei Arakaki, and the assistant animation director is Kana Hashidate. Additional character designs for the series come from Shuuichi Kawakami and Takuya Fujima. There are still no details about the studio available.

Extreme Hearts: Who Are the Main Cast?

Extreme Hearts cast

We only know the main cast because the anime has yet to be released. The remaining cast members are yet to be revealed.

Hiwa Hayama will be voiced by Ruriko Noguchi, who has previously appeared in anime such as Fruits Basket and Domestic Girlfriend. Miho Okasaki, who has appeared in anime such as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will play Saki Kotaka. Finally, Kana Yuki will voice Junka Maehara, who has previously appeared in anime such as Black Clover and Seireitsukai no Blade Dance.

Where to Watch the Show?

Extreme Hearts cast

There is currently no word on which OTT platform will broadcast this show. However, as the release dates approach, additional details will become accessible. Extreme Hearts will be released in Japan on Tokyo Mx and B11.


AnimeJapan 2022 included a trailer for the Extreme Hearts anime, which featured Miho Okasaki’s “Infinite,” the anime’s opening song. On July 9, 2022, the anime will premiere.


Masaki Tsuzuki is known for making the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha magical girl series and writing the scripts for it, as well as the Triangle Heart visual novels from which Nanoha was derived. Tsuzuki is also the author of Dog Days anime, as well as its manga and light book adaptations.

The plot is set in the future, not long after the present day, which sets it apart from mangaka’s previous work. Hyper Sports, which utilizes extreme gear as a support item.