Man Arrested after Killing Pregnant Woman and Dumping Body in Trash in Florida

A 35-year-old man is in jail on charges that he killed a mother in the area and then dumped her body in a trash can outside of a Brentwood home.

There are three different charges against Justin Henderson in connection with the death of Quintasha Ross. He was put into jail on Tuesday night. News 9 Jax was told that she was a 20-something mother who was going to have her second child soon. Henderson is charged with second-degree murder, abusing a dead person, and lying about evidence.

According to arrest records obtained by ActionNews, disturbing details were revealed, like how the mother was shot and stabbed in the head and then some of her things were dumped in a trash can outside the West 41st Street home.

The report also said that he became tense when the cops came over to the trash. It talks about how investigators found blood in the house and on a knife. They also found a newly dug hole that they said was big enough for a body.

A portrait of Ross now stands at the corner of West 41st Street and Pearl Street as a growing tribute.

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Joane Baldwin said, “I just wanted to bring her out so people could honor her and know who she was.”

The owner of EHAS, Jodesha Baldwin, heard Ross’s story and painted it. Baldwin plans to send the painting to her family who live out of state.

Satana Jones and Tonja Moorer called the cops because they hadn’t heard from their friend in two weeks and could smell something bad near the house.

Henderson is being held on a bond of more than $1.2 million right now.

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