Man Molested Friend’s Son and Recorded Video; Arrested by FBI in Texas

An individual from Abilene has been taken into custody on suspicion of creating child pornographic recordings with the sleeping kid of a friend.

Following a brief standoff that took place outside of Victor Taylor’s residence in the Wylie neighborhood on Tuesday morning, members of the SWAT Team of the Abilene Police Department were able to take him into custody.

During the month of June, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discovered a video of child pornography on the “dark net.” The video showed an adult guy, including his face, sexually abusing a kid while the child was sleeping in bed. Since then, the FBI has been conducting an investigation into Taylor.

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Taylor was provided with a preliminary match of the face that was displayed in the video by technology. Thus, a couple of days later, state agents in Abilene revealed the face to one of Taylor’s friends, and this buddy affirmed that it was Taylor.

According to the records, Taylor stated that he did produce the child pornography film while he was at his friend’s house with his friend’s young child. This admission was made during a subsequent interview with investigators as reported by BigCountryHomePageNews.

Without bond, Taylor is still being kept in custody at the Taylor County Jail at this time. It is scheduled for him to make another court appearance the following week.

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