Indiana Commissioner faces Sexual Assault Allegations in Nevada; Arrested after Probe by Authorities

A Hancock County Commissioner is being held in a local jail until he can be sent to Las Vegas to face sexual assault charges there.

The 49-year-old John D. Jessup was caught last week and is now being held in the Shelby County Jail for a crime that happened in a different county. Jessup is a Hancock County Commissioner who works with the townships of Vernon, Green, and Brown.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issued an order for Jessup’s arrest on June 14, and the Shirley Police Department arrested him that same day. This is shown in online jail records. In Clark County, Nevada, Jessup is charged with sexual abuse, according to court records.

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President of the Hancock County Commissioners Bill Spalding said in a statement Monday that the county will not say anything else about Jessup’s arrest at this time.

Spalding said, “The commissioners don’t know much about the reason for the arrest and will not say anything while this out-of-state agency has a charge and an active investigation going on.” “We are going to send any further questions to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.”

Jessup was charged with sexual abuse in the state of Nevada on June 11. This is shown in court records. ABC4 and FOX59 have asked the LVMPD and Clark County courts for more information about Jessup’s crime charge.

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