Pregnant Woman Nearly Escape Assault by Man in Georgia; Arrested and Cops Reveal Lengthy Criminal History of Suspect

Authorities in Georgia say they have caught a man who was seen attacking a pregnant woman at an Atlanta pizza place.

Police arrested 52-year-old Willie Grace on Monday. He has a long history of crimes and had been a problem at Fellini’s Pizza for years, according to the manager who spoke to Fox Atlanta.

On Friday, police were called to a pizza shop because the manager said a man had come in and wouldn’t leave.

Police say the man went back into the business and wouldn’t leave after swinging at a pregnant woman in the parking lot. The suspect got angry and hit the glass door before running away, according to the police.

The general manager of the diner, Caitlin Markli, said that Grace had been in the pizza shop before.

“This is actually the second time he’s broken the glass door in the same exact spot,” he said. “Something’s got to be done for the people in the neighborhoods and the businesses around here because it’s ridiculous.”

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“His thing is hitting women … defecating in the parking lot, hurting our property, open drug use,” Markli added. “We’ve had issues with him over the years but it’s gotten worse.”

Police in Atlanta say Grace has been arrested more than once without saying what crimes he is accused of committing in the past. Markli said that over the years, people have tried to keep him off the property as per Fox News.

“I’ve been trying to get a criminal trespass on him for years, but they have to be present when the police arrive for them to do that,” she added. “It does make the employees feel unsafe.”

Grace was arrested and taken to the Fulton County jail on charges of property damage. The woman who is said to have been struck is being sought by police.

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