Jie Lin Anime: Get to Know Everything About the Crazy Powerful MC Lin Jie!

The Jie Lin Anime, also known as Hero? I gave up a long time ago centers around Lin Jie, often known as Zero, the primary character.

Zero became mankind’s first true superhero, according to both the anime and the manhua. Numerous additional superheroes emerged during his watch and walked in his footsteps. He, on the other hand, vanished into thin air during 5 years of conflict.

Lin Jie or Zero saved humanity from the monstrosity 5 years ago, and he was given the name Zero since he had chuunibyou sickness. He avoided being with humans when the majority of the monsters had vanished.

His parents were expelled from the Lin Clan and died before he was a young teenager. Lin transformed into a Chuunibyou as well as went on the hunt for artifacts. Another of them would be the Black Warrior’s records, which granted Lin a great deal of authority and forced him to operate as Zero. Since Zero saved humanity from monsters, the Hero Association was created.

Zero resigned from his work five years ago, and Jie Lin anime story starts with him taking care of his younger sister Lin Wan. When Lin Wan constantly bothers him about it, Lin Jie begins the chapter by hunting for a job. Lin Jie is discovered by Xiao Zhan, an E-rank hero, who approaches Lin Wan seeking permission to hire his brother.

Let’s discuss him and learn more about this incredible Jie Lin anime’s Lin Jie.

Who Is Lin Jie?


Jie Lin anime shows how he is a slacker and a pervert who’s really satisfied to live a normal life. He become Zero as a teen as little more than a result of his chuunibyou phase, during which he was fascinated by superheroes and continued to live his fantasy. His hobbies include watching anime, particularly Magic Girls, reading manga, snacking, as well as playing video games.

Lin Jie or Jie Lin is unconcerned about his celebrity, prestige, or iconic “Hero” status. He, on the other hand, despises villains who try to conquer the world or terrorize innocent people, and he will put a stop to it. He entered the Hero Association as a result of his little sister’s bugging. Despite this, he looks after her because she is his sole family since they were orphaned.

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The Jie Lin anime not only shows Lin as a strong hero but also a sweet guy. He also has a soft corner for kids, adopting Mumu for his other sister and just doing his best to instruct his classmates at the hero academy. Lin’s enormous power attracts many ladies, leaving him a frequent target of their jealousy outbursts.

As Zero, he is a powerful figure who is adored by the majority of the populace. His occasional appearance fills heroes and enemies alike with awe and horror. Although the move to label Zero a criminal was met with opposition, some higher-ups in the Hero Association see Zero as a threat for refusing to join them.

Why He Is Considered So Strong?


Jie Lin anime has portrayed Lin as a very powerful MC, just like the famous One Punch Man’s Saitama.

In the Jie Lin Anime, Lin Jie is considered one of the most potent beings in the world, among the few humans whose strength can defy fate. He is supposed to be a being who has near-omnipotent abilities. He exerts a soul-crushing impact on everyone else in his area when he emerges as Zero. His stare alone would be enough to scare just about anyone. Zero’s mastery of magical weapons accounts for the majority of his skills.

After obtaining Qing Xuanzi’s legacy throughout his training by becoming a hero, Lin Jie was able to create an awesome Celestial Sword Will that he can infuse into weapons while fighting. Lin Jie’s sword proficiency allows him to use a regular kitchen cleaver to release his sword will.

The Jie Lin anime, like the Demon Slayer anime, has multiple forms in the Celestial Sword. The 0th Form is known as Judgement, followed by the 1st Form, which is known as Punishment, and the 2nd Form, which is known as Redemption. Slay is the third form, which is then revised into three additional forms: Severance, Execution, and Demise.

Then there’s the 4th Form, The Dark Warrior’s Endless Battle, and its revised form, Extermination. Finally, we have The End Of All Things, which is the 5th Form.


We shall witness Lin Jie levitate and fly high at incredible speeds in the Jie Lin anime, in addition to his ultimate sword skills. He also possesses the skill of Summoning, which allows him to summon numerous weapons plus items whenever he needs them. Right, it’s quite powerful!

Lin Jie’s enormous power means he rarely needs to practice combat methods because he can typically win simply by exerting any effort. Lin Jie, on the other hand, shows off his wide range of talents and strategies when fighting with more formidable opponents. He has been proven to be skilled with a variety of weaponry all throughout Jie Lin anime, from the Qing Xuanzi Legacy to Black Warrior’s Endless Battle Records.

Not only that, but his physical talents are far superior to those of All Might from My Hero Academia.

His incredible strength is mind-boggling. Lin Jie has repeatedly proved his immense might by casually splitting oceans and skies while decimating entire cities. He kicked the Warland Emperor, the enemy who had defeated countless SS-class heroes and even escaped unscratched across the globe.


Lin Jie’s enormous Speed has been demonstrated to be capable of dodging bullets and closing up on his enemies in a single glance. He has become strong enough to break across space and time due to his incredible speed.

The man’s extraordinary durability allowed him to effortlessly withstand a Fused Robocorp strike as well as stop Baphomet the Demon’s onslaught on a Snow Mountain without taking any harm. Numerous hits from various foes while casting one of his concluding 0th form Judgements resulted in zero damage.

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In the other universe arc, he survived an alien beam weapon that was reported to be capable of destroying planets while sustaining no damage. That’s a little too powerful!

The Manhua and the anime are highly underrated, even with such beautiful art and an amazing storyline. I would totally recommend all those who are mad about the overpowerful  MC to watch and read this one.