Luminous Witches Anime: the Strike Witches Franchise Is Coming With an Idol Genre Spin-off!

Luminous Witches is a forthcoming spin-off anime show based on Fumikane Shimada‘s original 2008 anime series”Strike Witches.” Since then, the franchise has been converted into a number of light novels, manga, as well as anime series, and even a number of video games.

“Allied Air Force Magical Idols Luminous Witches,” or simply “Luminous Witches,” follows in the footsteps of the original “Strike Witches,” focusing on a troop of magic-wielding ladies armed with flight-capable devices known as Striker Units.

The witches fight the Neuroi, the invading alien force that poses a major threat to humanity, with these Striker Units. Luminous Witches, on the other hand, stands out from its action-packed predecessors. Instead of using magic and mayhem to combat the Neuroi, the Luminous Witches use the song.

The official Twitter account for the Luminous Witches has officially revealed an anime release date of July 2022. The series will be animated by Shaft, the company behind Bakemonogatari and Nisekoi.

So, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming anime.

Luminous Witches Anime: What Will Be the Release Date for the Anime?

Luminous Witches Anime 1

Luminous Witches anime was initially confirmed at the franchise’s 10th-anniversary event in 2018, as per Anime News Network. It was working under the title “Idol Witches” at the time, and it was set to be released in 2021.

The anime relies largely on its voice cast, who are both live performers and voice actresses, so because the cast of Luminous Witches is indeed an idol group. Regrettably, three of the performers had to leave the production in the middle of Luminous Witches anime early owing to health issues.

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Momo Hanae, the original cast actress of Maria Magdalene Dietrich, resigned away from her position in January 2021 to pursue therapy for an ongoing health condition, according to the Production A team.

In June of the same year, Kyo Tachibana made a similar statement. Miu Kotosaka also proclaimed her recovery shortly after the prior parts were remade. However, the release date has been postponed from 2021 to July 2022. So, now  Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongakutai Luminous Witches will become a part of the Summer 2022 anime season.

On July 3, 2022, at 9:00 p.m., the anime will premiere on the AT-X channel, as well as Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and BS NTV, as well as the dAnime Store and other streaming sites in Japan.

Luminous Witches Anime: What Will Be the Storyline of the Show?

Luminous Witches Anime plot

Those who fight the wicked Neuroi all across the world, but there are also those who have a specific mission, staying at home and comforting and healing the hearts of the people, these girls are known as Idol Witches. Instead of killing the enemy in combat like their sisters in the Air Forces, they preserve the people’s smiles by singing and playing music! They’re the Idol Witches, after all.

The main characters of Luminous Witches anime are members of the same idol group as the actors who play them. As a result, Luminous Witches anime abandons the franchise’s emphasis on action and violence in favor of reimagining its setting as an idol anime, which conveniently allows for the franchise’s signature fanservice. Rather than combating the Neuroi with firearms and sorcery, the group sings for those who are putting their lives in danger on the battlefield.

The Luminous Witches anime is somewhat different from the original anime of the franchise called Strike Witches. The franchise anime’s plot revolved around a parallel Earth around World War II, in which the world has just been attacked by a strange alien force called the Neuroi, which take on aircraft-like forms and disseminate a toxic miasma.

Luminous Witches Anime plot 1

So in response, instead of battling among themselves, the world’s military forces have banded together to face the Neuroi threat. Because conventional weapons are ineffective against the Neuroi’s weaponry, the military turns to Witches, young girls with magical skills capable of combating the Neuroi.

When using their magic, the Witches, who really are influenced by renowned real-life pilots, develop animal ears and tails and use special types of machinery known as Striker Units to take flight through all the sky and improve the strength of their own magical ability in combat.

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As a result, the Luminous Witches anime will most likely feature concerts rather than fighting. Aside from that, there are several theories and facts about the anime’s overall plot. The Luminous Witches anime is difficult to label into a single anime genre, ensuring that viewers will have something to look ahead to when it is released. So, let’s see what the idol anime has in store for us.

Luminous Witches Anime: Who Are Coming to Sing in the Anime?

Luminous Witches Anime cast

The team of Luminous Witches anime is an idol group, which distinguishes them unique from other World Witches contestants. This original animation will not only follow the witches as they battle Neuroi, but the creative cast will also play songs from the series.

So, at first, we have Mai Narumi who will be voicing the character of Virginia Robertson, then Sayaka Tsuzuki will be voicing the role of Éléonore Giovanna Gassion, and Ami Aimoto will be seen in the role of Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova.

Then we have Minako Hosokawa who will be voicing  Shibuya Inori, Ryou Mamiya will be seen in the role of Aila Päivikki Linnamaa, and Kana Furunaka will be voicing the character of Maria Magdalene Dietrich.

Other voice actors include Yuuki Misaki will be voicing the character of Manaia Matawhaura Hato, Rino Yoshikita will be seen in the role of Sylvie Cariello, Rio Mamesaki will be voicing the role of Joanna Elizabeth Stafford, and Mikako Komatsu will portray Grace Maitland Steward.


Fortunately, we have a trailer for this amazing anime series, which has a military anime plus an idol anime feel to it, with a pinch of fantasy thrown in for good measure. Longtime fans of the Strike Witches franchise are just delighted to discover that the series is coming with a new spin-off. So, let’s enjoy the trailer as we wait for the anime to launch in July 2022.

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