‘Black Ink Crew Compton’- Season 3, Comping Up or Not?

If you’ve never missed an episode or season of VH1’s ‘Black Ink Crew,’ you’re probably familiar with the other versions of the program, New York and Chicago, and those two editions of the show were a huge hit in comparison to the newest season, as fans aren’t really pleased with KP. They believe he has a problem with every woman in the staff.

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Does KP Have a Problem With Women in His Crew?

Season 2 of ‘Black Ink Crew’, Compton has seen numerous ups and downs. The majority of the crew members are dealing with family issues, while some are causing disputes inside the group. In a previous episode, Vudu saw her biological father for the first time and discovered that everything her mother and stepfather told her about her birth father was a lie. Alana argued with her mother in the most recent episode, as she warned her about the company she keeps.

Things became worse when Alana’s mother discovered that her boyfriend was in jail. Tim and KP, on the other hand, were attempting to sort out the legalities associated with operating the tattoo business. KP eventually approaches his father for assistance with the problem.

black ink crew crompton season 3

With everything going on around him, KP’s conduct with the workers irritates the viewers. The crew boss appears to dislike practically every female member of his crew, frequently following them the wrong way. With KP refusing to engage with her, Barbie chooses to listen to Lemeir and see what he has to offer, and because she felt KP dismissive of her, Barbie accepted Lemeir’s offer at his business. KP then managed to agitate Nessie. When she learned via Vudu that KP was opening a store with her ex, Ken, she felt deceived. Nessie informed KP that he had abandoned her when she needed him the most. Not to mention that he chastised Alana.

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“Had Black Ink Crew: Compton on for 5 minutes next toss the whole program away,” one viewer tweeted. Another fan asked on Twitter, “Why does it seem like EVERY man on Black Ink Crew Compton has difficulty working with/getting along with every female?” Another viewer described the show’s cast as “hot,” tweeting, “Everyone on Black Ink Crew Compton is so extremely attractive my god.” “Okay, I’m watching Black Ink Crew Compton, and sure, I’m not feeling how KP is acting,” another fan comments. Another supporter wrote, Seems like he has an issue.