Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5: a Beautiful Shojo Anime That Describes the World of Idols!

Kumiko Saiki is the author and illustrator of Kageki Shojo!! This was serialized in Shueisha’s Jump X magazine from May 10, 2012, until October 10, 2014, when the magazine discontinued publishing.

Shueisha published the chapters in two tanks in volumes around May 10, 2013, and October 17, 2014, respectively. On March 5, 2019, Hakusensha re-released the series in a single volume titled Kageki Shojo!! Season Zero. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the re-release in North America, and it was published then under the title Kageki Shojo!! The Curtain Rises.

On February 28, 2015, a follow-up series titled Kageki Shojo!! began serialisation in Hakusensha’s Melody magazine. Eleven tanks on volumes have been published in the series. Seven Seas Entertainment also had licensed the sequel series in North America.

There is a group of brilliant and distinctive people following their artistic ambitions at the all-female Kouka Kageki Musical Drama Academy, where the participants performed in both male and female positions.

Sarasa Watanabe, a vivacious rural girl who needs to join the academy to achieve her dream to play Oscar in “The Rose of Versailles,” is one of these dedicated students.

So, here’s what we know about the Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5

Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5: What Is the Story About?

Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5 plot

It is just the 100th anniversary of the Kouka Theater’s foundation, which indicates the Kouka Sports Festival is already here!

This might not be like every school sports festival, same as Kouka is really not like any other school. Instead of contesting against one another, the Superiors, a group of renowned veteran performers, hold an event for their devoted fans while the student works around the clock.

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This entails making touch with their idols and potentially dazzling them, or at the very least avoiding embarrassing themselves in front of them. Whenever one of the Superiors injures her knee and is unable to participate, they come up with an extra-special centennial plan, and then Sarasa is thrust into the spotlight!

Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5: Why You Should Read This Manga?

Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5 review

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Kageki Shojo!! seems to be the opportunity to comprehend the Takarazuka theater’s real-life traditions, on which Kouka is based, despite some small differences.

In Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5, the Grand Sports Festival is a true tradition, a ten-year competition between theatre troupes held for the public. Because there isn’t much information on it in English, it’s difficult to say how realistically it’s being depicted.

I’m not sure how likely it is for a student to be called in as an emergency replacement if one of the veterans is hurt. That’s exactly what occurs, whether it’s plausible or not, and Sarasa would be the one who ends up being chosen. Sarasa’s internal dilemma of not knowing how to construct her own version of a character is placed on hold in favor of external happenings with the sports festival.

Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5 review 2

Kumiko Saiki must strike a delicate balance between placing Sarasa at the center of the action while avoiding giving her Protagonist Syndrome, in which she feels as if the universe is bending around her. Generally, she’s done a good job of establishing the characters and tale in such a way that it just doesn’t feel forced.

Sarasa constantly attracts attention to herself, both positive and negative, due to her height, poofy hair, plus extroversion. This particular chapter shows how well the Mangaka is showing the Character developments, not only in the main protagonists but in other characters too.

The lack of understanding of Kouka’s rigorous customs and hierarchies sets her apart, which is complemented by her excitement for anything she does and natural charisma.

Sarasa, who is naïve but inherently skilled and enthusiastic, and Ai, who is an experienced performer but has problems fitting within her area as a musumeyaku, are contrasted by Sarasa’s insecurity.

Although there is less emphasis on their relationship than in previous volumes, Ai still manages to provide Sarasa with the guidance she requires to understand what is expected of her, whereas her own increasing connection to her roommate and best friend acts as a source of motivation that allows her to develop as an actress.

Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5 review 3

Although Ai is certainly Sarasa’s deuteragonist, the very first volumes of the series’ attention on her psychology, as well as trauma, has already created the framework with her own internality.

As a result, she rarely thinks as if she’s a convenient companion to Sarasa, but rather a person on her own path who crosses paths with and is inspired by others.

These side stories help to make Sarasa’s world in Kageki Shojo!! feel lesser like it revolves around her and more as it revolves around the cohort the story concentrates on, a cohort full of determined young women with big personalities, in other words, the kind of young women that go into theatre.

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Kageki Shojo!! GN 3-5 has remained a deep character study, delving through the lives of the characters who live in Kouka’s universe while mainly avoiding cliches. This manga is worth reading since it beautifully depicts every student’s life structure.

Does the Manga Have an Anime?


Yes, there is an anime adaptation of this fantastic manga, which masterfully brings this musical drama to life.

For these young ladies, success at Kouka will require more than just sheer talent, as envy, deception, and the brutal reality of musical theatre will push their mental strength to the test. Let’s see if Sarasa and Ai can climb to the top and go across the silver bridge.

On October 28, 2020, an anime tv show version, also called Kageki Shojo!!, was revealed in Melody magazine’s December issue. Pine Jam animated the show, which was directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda.

Tadashi Morishita was in charge of the anime’s composition, Takahiro Kishida designed the characters, and Tsuneyoshi Saito composed the soundtrack.

It broadcast on AT-X and other stations from July 4 until September 26, 2021. Sayaka Senbongi as well as Yumiri Hanamori play the introductory theme song “Hoshi no Orchestra” and Sayaka Senbongi, as well as Yumiri Hanamori, perform the closing theme song “Hoshi no Tabibito.” The anime was licensed by Funimation.