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If you’re a parenting, you occasionally want your children to sit still and be quiet. We recognize that it is vital for both your sanity and the wellbeing of your kid. But how do you go about doing that? With a little assistance, right? And what if that assistance comes in the guise of an online babysitter — via a software that ensures your youngster is engrossed at least for a few hours every day? And when it comes to children’s television shows, they must be both educational and entertaining. After all, they are crucial years in your child’s development. So, no concerns. Netflix comes to the rescue, offering a massive library of intriguing, instructive, and entertaining children’s shows.

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Charlie’s Colorforms City seems to be a Colorforms-themed children’s streaming television series produced by Angela Santomero. Tyler Maxwell anchors the show, which teaches children about colors, shapes, and sizes. 9 Story USA and DHX Media co-produced it for Netflix. Season 1 of the show debuted on Netflix on March 22, 2019, with 13 episodes. On November 30, 2021, many new episodes (marketed as three further seasons) were published. On June 13, 2022, further 11 episodes (marketed as two seasons) were published.

charlie's colorform city season 2

The miniseries has also been dubbed in various languages such as British English, French, and Polish.

charlie's colorform city season 2

Charlie’s Colorforms City is an animated preschool show that first premiered on the global streaming giant Netflix on March 22, 2019. The show is based on the hit and classic toy line — Colorforms — from 9 Story-owned Out of the Blue Enterprises. This story-telling adventure series is based on the protagonist as he goes on unpredictable, exciting, and imaginative shape-filled expeditions. Charlie’s Colorforms City features Out of the Blue co-founders Angela Santomero and Samantha Freeman as the executive producers alongside DHX Media, Canada.

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Cast Of Charlie’s Colorform City Season 2

  • Saara Chaudry – Violet
  • Tyler Barish – Red
  • Caleb Bellavance – Red (Season 2)
  • Zoe Hatz – Miss Weather
  • Joseph Motiki – OctoBocto, An Athletic Silly Face, A Clumsy Silly Face
  • Julie Lemieux – A Baby Silly Face, A Loud Silly Face, A Space Silly Face, Chicken
  • Shoshana Sperling – A Grandma Silly Face, A Police Silly Face, A Woman Police Silly Face, Mermaid 2
  • John Davie – Klunk
  • Stacey DePass – Dragon, Brother Dragon, A Kid Silly Face

charlie's colorforms city season 2


Charlie’s Colorforms City is inspired on the popular toy company Colorforms. Colorforms are simple, charming toys made of colored vinyl sheets that may cling to any flat surface without the need of adhesives. The toys’ multiple moveable shapes , may be removed and placed to create a wide range of figures. What began with simple geometric shapes like triangles, circles, and squares evolved into full-color illustrated play sets, games, puzzles, interactive novels, and creative activity sets for kids of all ages.

Charlie takes viewers on a sticky, unique narrative experience in Charlie’s Colorforms City, where he makes charming, creative shapes along the way. During his journeys, the charming, lovable, and humorous Charlie is accompanied by a diverse ensemble of characters. With the help of this amusing crew, your child may go to his favorite virtual locations – outer space, the Wild West, or right in his own house — wherever he wants to go!

When It Will be Aired?

Season 1 of Charlie’s Colorforms City aired on Netflix on March 22, 2019. With its entertaining, safe, and inventive framework, this presentation is an excellent instructional program for children.

Given that this is an animated program, the chances of it being renewed are fairly strong. Typically, networks and studios establish IT infrastructure for animated series, which they can then reuse to generate another season of the show. As a result, we feel the Season 2 announcement is only a matter of time. In reality, we believe Charlie Colorforms City Season 2 will be released in March 2020.

charlie's colorforms city season 2

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