Bad Boys 4 Has Stopped Production After Will Smith’s Slap!

Will there be Bad boys 4?

When Bad Boy released its first-ever movie, no one has ever thought that it would release three movies continuously. The popularity of Bad boy movies is no longer a hidden gem and everyone is just waiting for its fourth part to make on the screen. Bad Boys 4 is a highly anticipated movie and there is no doubt that the fans are just waiting for it to get released. 

Casting Will Smith in the main lead, who has already got famous because of its all popular action-comedy series. But more than that, Will Smith has gone viral over his latest Academy Award Incident. I am pretty sure that everyone would remember the incident till their last breath. 


After the incident, millions of people reacted on the Internet. On the other side, Academy Awards banned Will Smith for 10 years. In between all these things, the fans of Bas Boys are looking for updates about the movie. In this article, we’ll be talking about Bad Boys 4. Here is everything you indeed to know about the movie. 

Bad Boys 4: Everything you need to Know!

Bad Boys 4 news

Fans were willingly waiting for Bad boys 4 to get released but after the whole Academy award incident, there is negativity among the people over the actor’s behavior. The first part of Bad Boys was officially debuted in 1995. As the movie was released, it gained instant success because of its generic plot and amazing comedy. 

During the time, there was something different about the action-comedy series. Will Smith was already in his stardom and everyone loved the unique concept of the series. Still, action is considered one of the greatest genres and when it is added to comedy, there is nothing more amazing than that.

In 2020, Bad Boys for Life was released on the screen. The movie proved the greatness of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence again and the fans were excited to witness the popular movie after decades. 

The third season was embedded on a major cliffhanger and it proves that the officials are planning for something in the future. Luckily, the fourth part of the movie was greenlit, making everyone wait for the future. 

However, the global pandemic was one of the biggest obstacles to the movie and it makes the production of the movie stop. The break was longer than expected but the fans knew all about the situation and they decided to keep their patience. Finally, n 2021, there were some updates regarding the movie. 

Bad Boys 4: When is it going to release?

Bad Boys 4 updates

The good news is that Bad Boys 4 has officially started the development earlier and the movie has progressed a lot since then. Bad Boys released its last movie back in 2020 and it was a smashed hit. No one has ever expected that the movie will be such a blockbuster but as it was released, thousands of people came to watch the movie. 

Talking about the release of the movie, the creators get to announce a release date. There is no official announcement to be made but on the other hand, the movie is confirmed to return.

The first movie was debuted in 1995 and it has been almost 25 years since the first movie was released but still, the huge fanbase is waiting for fir the fourth part to get released.  Everyone is waiting for the release date to get announced, but it looks like Sony has something else in their plans. 

Due to the global pandemic, the movie was already delayed. It is the right time to make the movie release since a lot of things are already happening. In 2015, the news reported that Bad Boys 4 is in talks and while time has tickled fast, it is already two years after the release of the third movie. 

However, there is still no progress when it comes to the release of the series. While the latest incidents have surely modified all the releases of the series and it looks like the audience is not ready for the movie. 

Releasing Bad Boys 4 would be something that requires a lot of talk. Also,  Will Smith has filled projects in the upcoming years. As for now, releasing Bad Boys 4 and the production might not hold the importance on his list. 

But for the audience, it is something that they would love to explore. The third movie has already left a major cliffhanger on hold. We are still making sure that Sony will schedule a release date for the movie. If everything goes according to the plan of the studio, we might be able to get the movie released in 20223 or 2024. 

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Bad Boys 4 Cast Updates: Who will be back in the Movie?

Bad Boys 4 cast

There won’t be any Bad Boys 4 without casting Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the main lead. It would be safe to assume that these two will be getting the main protagonist in the main cast. 

Along with this, Paola Núñez will recur as Rita, the fellow companion of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In the third part, we saw that Rita was promoted to Captain, and there will be so much more exploration for her in the fourth part. 

Moreover, in the last part, we have seen Joe Pantoliano being cast as Captain Howard. He has already been assassinated during the final scenes of the movie. Well, we don’t know if the actor will make his return in the fourth part of the movie. Since his character is already dead, I think he is rare to make an appearance in the show. 

For Armando (Jacob Scipio), I think that the story is not ended. He has already been given a proper story for the third part and it looks like he is missing something, the creators can make him back since there are things for him to get covered. 

There are no updates on whether there will be any additional characters in the show. Also, there is no confirmation about the list of characters, and it would going to take some time for the creators to get their hand on the official list. 

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Bad Boys 4 plot Details: What will be the Storyline?

Bad Boys 4 updates

Sadly for the people who are waiting for the officials to release the updates about the plot details, there is nothing to talk about. The officials have not yet disclosed what would be the future of the series. While the conformation and the cast details are already up on the internet but it will take some time for them to reveal everything bout the plot. 

In the last movie, we have seen how things ended with the cast. Surely, the fourth part will be connected with Armando but how? We don’t know. It was so irritating for many fans to see that the little kid grew up in such a traumatic condition. Being suffered from a lot of things, what would happen to him?

The fourth part might be filled with all of his thighs. I think that there will be thousands of secrets that he holds against the assassin who was there beside his condition since his birth. Also, the fourth part of the movie series will see Lowery and Burnett getting more intense with their work. They will probably be going to work on some new organization and there will be new things waiting for them. 

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Is there any official trailer to watch?

Unfortunately, the officials are yet to release the official trailer for the movie. However, if someone from you has already missed the updates of the last movie then here it is. 

What do you think about this? Also, let us know your thoughts about the officials postponing the release due to Will Smith’s Academy Award Incident. We are waiting to hear from you. Visit honknews and get all the recent updates about the movies, web series, and anime. 

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