17-year-old Mother used to Burn Her Daughter with Lighter for Fun while Friends Recorded Videos; Arrested in Indiana

A 17-year-old girl from Muncie is being charged as an adult because her friends supposedly recorded her setting fire to her baby with lighters.

Three charges have been brought against Nadeza Shreves for neglect of a dependent, aggravated battery, and criminal recklessness with a dangerous weapon.

In May, Muncie police were called to a home on High Street for a “concerning” case of child abuse.

“When the officer arrived, he was met by two women in the parking lot across the street,” the police report says.

That’s where the officer said a woman showed him a video of Shreves holding her daughter’s hand with a lit lighter over and over again. The child, who is almost two years old, is heard saying, “Momma it burns.” Shreves is then said to have been seen burning her daughter four more times.

Another girl sprayed perfume on the girl’s hand to speed up the fire in the video. 13News has learned that the prosecutor’s office is going to charge the person who sprayed the perfume on the child’s hand.

The 17-year-old girl would also lock the little girl in her room by herself while she went to have sex, according to the police report.

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The teen is also said to have put a pillow over her daughter’s face while she had sex in the same bed, which is another troubling claim as per WTHR.

It was also said that the girl joked that she was setting her daughter’s hand on fire. She is said to have told the police she was just holding the child while her daughter was being burned.

It says in the police record that the girl was sent to live with a distant relative.

The first meeting for Shreves is set for July 22.

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