Parents Arrested after Boy Died from Severe Beating which caused Brain Injuries and Paralysis in California

A disturbing incident unfolded in the US, where a mother subjected her young son to a horrifying ordeal. Shockingly, she sat on his chest and relentlessly assaulted him for a staggering 40 minutes, while the father stood by and did nothing to intervene.

Kimberly Rachel Blakley, 37, and Cory Albert Blakley, 38, were the proud adoptive parents of Cyrus Blakley. Criminal charges have been filed against the couple in connection with the tragic death of a nine-year-old child in California earlier this year. The charges include murder, torture, and child abuse.

Prosecutors argue that both parents were responsible for the boy’s death, as revealed in a court transcript from a three-day preliminary hearing in April. The transcript includes evidence and testimony that shed light on the pain the boy endured.

During the trial, Deputy District Attorney Andrew Braden, a prosecutor in the murder case, informed the judge about the distressing actions of the boy’s mother. According to Braden, the mother, who weighed 210 pounds, subjected her son to torment by sitting on him, depriving him of oxygen, and subjecting him to constant beatings.

Emergency services were called to a medical aid incident at the family’s residence at approximately 6pm on February 2. Cyrus was discovered in an unresponsive state. Unfortunately, he passed away three days later while receiving medical care at the hospital. Prosecutors claim that the child fell into a comatose state due to the alleged abuse inflicted by the parents. Cyrus has experienced a brain injury and paralysis, as stated in the criminal complaint.

The Blakleys have a total of seven children, including two biological and five adopted, who all reside together in a home near Sunrise Boulevard. As part of the murder investigation, it was discovered that multiple Ring-brand cameras had been installed throughout the home. These cameras were found in various rooms, such as the four bedrooms, the garage, the laundry room, and the living room.

Prosecutors alleged that Cory Blakley deliberately deleted the video from the living room camera, preventing them from visually witnessing what transpired on the day Cyrus died. However, they were still able to gather auditory evidence of the events that unfolded in the living room.

Cyrus reportedly informed his classmates and school staff about the unfortunate passing of his dog, which led to him having to relocate his pets outdoors. Consequently, the mother sought retribution against the boy as stated by Irish Star.

According to the prosecutor, the mother repeatedly expressed concern in the video that Child Protective Services would remove the children due to Cyrus’ alleged lack of concern for the family.

The Blakleys have been in custody at Placer County jail since their arrest on February 7, with no bail granted. During the court proceedings, Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Ow made the argument that Cyrus’ father was present during the majority, if not all, of the beating inflicted upon the boy. However, she clarified that he did not actively participate in the assault.

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