Day Care Workers Dragged Toddlers; Missouri Mother Filed Lawsuit after finding Kids Heavily Bruised

A Missouri lawsuit alleges that a mother was deeply concerned when she discovered her two children had sustained injuries on their first day at daycare.

A concerned mother noticed a bump on her nonverbal 4-year-old’s forehead and multiple scratches on his face. A lawsuit filed on June 10 alleges that she insisted on viewing the surveillance footage at A Brighter Future Childcare And Development Center in St. Louis.

The complaint stated that she was deeply affected by what she uncovered, feeling a mix of shock and heartbreak. As a result, she has decided to take legal action against the daycare to seek damages.

A lawsuit alleges that video footage captured a caregiver engaging in disturbing behavior towards multiple children, including threatening and physically striking them with a paint stirrer stick.

According to court documents, the mistreatment persisted throughout the children’s initial day on March 6. A lawsuit claims that a 3-year-old girl was made to stand facing the wall for nearly 47 minutes, which allegedly violates childcare laws in Missouri.

A lawsuit alleges that a 4-year-old boy, who is nonverbal, endured ongoing abuse from two caregivers throughout the day.

According to the complaint, the initial caregiver was observed “dragging” the child and even “slinging him to the ground” at one point. According to the lawsuit, the child was also struck in the head multiple times.

During nap time, a different caregiver was observed forcefully removing the cot from under the 4-year-old child, according to the lawsuit. A child was struck in the head by a cot.

According to the lawsuit, video footage reveals that the caregiver struck the nonverbal child multiple times in the face or head region with her hand as per SacBee.

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According to court records, the caregivers left the room multiple times throughout the day, resulting in unsupervised children and subsequent fights between them.

An investigation was conducted by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Childhood into the daycare’s treatment of the two children, as stated in the lawsuit.

The allegations surrounding the 4-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl were found to be true during the investigation, resulting in A Brighter Future being cited for 11 violations, as stated in the lawsuit.

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