17-year-old Dead from Fentanyl Overdose; Man Arrested for Trafficking Fentanyl to Victim in California

A man has been caught by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in connection with the death of a 17-year-old girl from fentanyl.

A guy from Lake County was arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a teenage girl from an overdose, which police say he gave her fentanyl.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office looked into the death of Illeanna Frease, 17, for months. The office said she died on November 10 from an overdose of fentanyl and alcohol. Joe Boggs Jr., a 27-year-old man from Lucerne, was finally named by investigators as the person they think gave fentanyl to Frease.

The sheriff’s office said that the case will be prosecuted as murder by the Lake County District Attorney’s Office. The police nabbed Boggs and put him in the Lake County Jail on $1 million bail.

More than 10,000 people die every year in California from drug overdoses. Some police departments, including those in San Francisco, have said they are ready to charge fentanyl sellers with murder if their sales can be linked to a death by overdose as per SF Chronicle.

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In 2022, the district attorney for Santa Clara County charged a 16-year-old with murder after a 12-year-old died of an overdose. In April, two people from the South Bay were charged with murder after it was said they gave drugs to the parents of an 18-month-old child who died of an overdose.

The sheriff’s office said Boggs is the first person in Lake County to be arrested on suspicion of a fentanyl murder.

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