Man Stabbed to Death by Daughter after Argument; Finally Charged for Horrifying Crime after She Broke into His House

Police say that a woman was arrested for stabbing her father while breaking into his home at 405 W. Seventh St. in Cortez.

Because of the fight with Clifton Goff, Allison Janelle Hamel is being charged with aggravated attack in the first degree and criminal trespass.

Officer Trevor Robertson of the Cortez Police Department arrived and called for help. Goff, the guy who had been hiding, came out of the trailer with blood all over his shirt, from the chest down to the stomach.

Robertson made Goff lie down on the steps so he could take care of the wound. And Goff had cuts on his left hand and little finger. There were also bubbles coming out of his chest wound.

Goff put pressure on his chest while Robertson and Officer Brady Veach found Hamel sitting in the opening of her camper, which was parked close to Goff’s house.

At first, Hamel wouldn’t talk to the police because she said she would wait until her mother got there. But she finally gave Robertson and Veach her side of the story.

Hamel said she wanted to take a shower in the trailer but couldn’t because the door was locked. She tried to get in through the window in the living room without realizing Goff was in the same room.

Hamel said that Goff hit her in the head, slammed her into the wall by her hair, and then choked her from behind as she climbed through the window. Hamel said she stabbed Goff with the knife she had in her pocket to protect herself.

Robertson said Hamel didn’t have any scars or bumps to back up her story. Hamel was caught after police found the knife and took pictures of the blood in the house’s rooms.

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Goff told police that Hamel was not allowed in his home but tries to get in through the window after being taken to the hospital. It is said that Hamel lives in the camper where cops found her.

The injuries Goff got at the hospital were called “serious bodily injury.”

Goff said he tried to stop her from coming in through the window, and Hamel stabbed him after they got into a fight.

Many fights have happened between Goff and Hamel, according to Robertson, in the last few weeks as reported by Durango Herald.

Assault with a dangerous weapon in the first degree, criminal trespass in the second degree, and child abuse were all charges against Hamel. She is being held at the Montezuma County Detention Center.

On Tuesday, June 25, at 1:30 p.m., she will go back to court to file new charges.

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