Twin Toddlers Found Dead; Woman Arrested after Autopsy Revealed Drug Overdose in West Virginia

According to court records, a woman from West Virginia was charged with crimes related to the deaths of two small children after investigators stated that multiple substances were discovered in the systems of the children being investigated.

According to a criminal complaint that was submitted to the Raleigh County Magistrate Court, Olivia Denise Moore, who is thirty years old, is being charged with two counts of child negligence causing death. These charges arise from an incident that occurred in February when twins who were two years old were discovered dead.

After being called to the residence, the children were discovered lying on a couch, lifeless, and unable to be resuscitated, according to the troopers who responded to the call.

The complaint stated that investigators later acquired death certificates for the children, which indicated multiple narcotics in their systems, including fentanyl. The certificates were received after the children had passed away as per KTUL News.

On Tuesday, Moore was brought into custody and charged after receiving more information from the troopers who interviewed him. She is being held on a bail of $500,000 at this time.

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