Toddler Dead from Overdose as Parents Put Drugs within Reach; Arrested and Charged in Florida

After more than a year has passed since Pinellas County deputies reported that a daughter who was 17 months old and in their care passed away due to an overdose of Oxycodone, a couple is now facing prosecution.

The inquiry was initiated, according to the sheriff’s office, when the body of the child was discovered inside a residence in Largo in the month of March 2023. According to the deputies, they discovered a number of prescription medications in the bedroom.

Investigators noted that Adela Allen, who is 43 years old, and Kyle Allen, who is 44 years old, provided statements that were conflicting regarding the hours that led up to the death of the girl.

In addition, the investigators found that none of the members of the family possessed a legitimate prescription for Oxycodone.

Regarding the nature of the relationship between the spouse and the child, the sheriff’s office declined to provide any additional information as per FOX13 News.

There are a number of allegations that have been brought against Adela Allen, including child neglect and many counts of narcotics possession. Both conspiracy and unauthorized use of a two-way communication device are the charges that have been brought against Kyle Allen.

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