YNW Melly Double Murder Re-Trail on Hold in Florida, Appeared in Court

Miami, FL: Rapper YNW Melly recently appeared at a hearing, as his double murder retrial in Broward is currently on hold.

Jamell Demons, is facing serious allegations of murdering two of his childhood friends, Chris “YNW Juvy” Thomas and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams, back in 2018. The incident occurred after a late-night recording session, where the shooting was staged to appear as a drive-by.

The initial trial involving Melly concluded in a mistrial during the previous summer.

A judge’s ruling in January has caused a delay in the case as prosecutors have filed an appeal. The appeal process through the appellate courts could potentially take several months.

A hearing was held on Friday to address the outstanding motions in Melly’s case, as requested by his attorneys. They are interested in moving forward with the discovery process, which may involve taking depositions.

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However, prosecutors argued that the hearing should not take place due to the stay issued by the appeals court.

In January, Judge John J. Murphy III made a ruling that the jury should not be shown the 20-minute documentary capturing Melly’s life and journey to stardom, which was filmed shortly before the tragic double murder. Melly is frequently seen holding a weapon in the video. The recent update highlights the unfortunate passing of Thomas and Williams.

The defense contended that the video is hearsay, while the state maintains that it demonstrates Melly’s presence at the scene of the crime.

The state argued on Friday that the stay is automatic since the appeal is based on an order granting a motion to suppress evidence.

According to reports, the judge’s authority to allow discovery to proceed during the appeal is being questioned.

The defense argued that a comprehensive halt on all matters is not mandated by the rules. They expressed their intention to investigate various aspects, including the scope of a search warrant pertaining to text messages from 2018.

Following a brief exchange of views, Judge Murphy refrained from making a decision and instead chose to consider the matter further as per NBC Miami.

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