Chris King Shot Dead in Alleyway in Nashville, Homicide Convict Teen Suspected in Shooting

Nashville, TN: Rapper Chris King was shot dead by gunshot in Nashville, Tennessee. His friend was also wounded during the shooting.

The incident happened on April 20 in an alleyway in Nashville, Tennessee. The authorities are currently investigating the incident.

The other victim and King were in an alley between Hayes and Church Streets in Nashville, Tennessee, when the shooting occurred, according to a statement from the Nashville Police Department. According to the authorities, three additional men approached King’s group at that location.

The 29-year-old survivor of the shooting is a person who the police have chosen not to officially identify.

The rapper was immediately rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The 32-year-old was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Tributes poured in from celebs who mourned the loss of the talented rapper. His official name was Christopher Cheeks. Justin Bieber and King shared a special bond as they were roommates.

“I love you until we meet again twin!” fellow rapper Trippie Redd posted to Instagram. “I would not be where I am today without @whoischrisking he introduced me to @elliotgrainge & @milothelight 🙏 and he had the best energy always he had so many friends and it shows I love you guys for supporting one of my best friends ever my brother.”

The authorities suspect that the incident was a robbery attempt that took a fatal turn. The authorities suspect 19-year-old Adrian Cameron, Jr.

Cameron was previously indicted for the death of 50-year-old Josh Evans in a drug deal gone wrong.

Cameron faced charges of criminal homicide while still a juvenile because he was 17 years old when the shooting occurred in 2021. After his trial, an adult grand jury found him guilty of two counts: voluntary manslaughter and possession of a weapon with the purpose of using it in a criminal attack.

He was later released on bond with an ankle monitor. Data from the monitor shows the monitor was removed shortly after the shooting Saturday, police said.

Actor Keke Palmer also mourned the loss and shared an old photo of her video chatting with King from years ago.

“When we were babies before everyone knew you was a real rockstar. We were kids!” she wrote. “And you always knew how to make everyone laugh. Your kindness was present no matter what room you were in, everybody was and wanted to be your friend. We will miss you until we meet again, rest heavenly brother.”

Reference: NBC News