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Frank (Bruce Willis), a police commander in a small town, is followed by a meth kingpin who wants to quiet him before he can speak against his family, but he gets more than he bargained for when the kingpin threatens to hurt Frank’s daughter (Ashley Greene).

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Language:  English

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Director: Mike Burns

Producer: Randall Emmett, George Furla, Ceasar Richbow, Mark Stewart, Chad A.

Writer: Bill Lawrence

Releasing Date: July 15, 2022

Duration: 1hr 36 mins.

Wrong Pace Movie

Wrong Place Movie – Cast & Crew

Ashley Greene   (as Chloe)

Bruce Willis (as Frank)

Michael Sirow (as Jake)

Texas Battle (as Captain East)

Stacey Danger  (as Tammy)

Massi Furlan (as Virgil)

Adam Huel Potter (as Leon)

Josh Rhett Noble (as Officer Richter)


Vertical Entertainment has released a trailer for Wrong Place, a mid-July release starring Bruce Willis. The plot revolves around a security officer who comes across an execution in the midst of the woods. The difficulty is that he unwittingly becomes the sole eyewitness who can identify a meth kingpin’s family member. With this perilous responsibility ahead of him, who will protect him and his family if he testifies? (Creates the suspense).

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The Trailer reveals that Ashley Greene, who plays Willis’ daughter Chloe, deviates from the “damsel in distress” stereotype that is so frequent in this genre, and it appears that she will give the thugs who hold her captive a run for the money. The clip shows Greene’s character outwitting the bad guys, changing kitchen items into formidable weapons, and we can say, overall being a powerhouse – indicating that Willis’ character, Frank won’t have much to do in rescuing her. (In short, it is full of action and thrill)

Wrong Place Movie

Wrong Place Review: A Difficult Decline for Bruce Willis Fans

Wrong Place is a mind-boggling film with an insane narrative, a bad writing, and unprofessional directing. The low-rent actioner fills its duration with melodramatic padding and nasty racial comedy. I must confess that I am watching with a sad heart. Wrong Place is just another trash B-movie by Bruce Willis in recent years.

He retired after his family openly admitted he had aphasia. Given his cognitive condition, Willis’ bad decisions and terrible acting make sense. With frank conversation and swift editing, Wrong Place restricts his role. He is essentially a prop headliner. It’s painful to see a Hollywood star deteriorate on film.

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Frank Richards (Willis) and Maggie (Lauren McCord) sit down for a solemn meal. Chloe (Ashley Greene), their cherished daughter, has discovered a tumor. Frank takes a job as a security guard at Pee-Pawn Wee’s Shop a year later.

The former police chief has survived a string of calamities. His first week on the job goes horribly wrong. Virgil (Massi Furlan), a meth dealer, is settling a score with a thieving employee behind the store when Frank interrupts him.

Chloe resolves to surprise her father by paying a visit to his Alabama cabin early in the morning. Tammy (Stacey Danger), her best friend, joins her to cheer her up after cancer treatments. Jake (Michael Sirow), Virgil’s neurotic meth cook son, kidnaps them.

He was seeking for a way to quiet Frank, but now he has his daughter as bait. As Frank and the new police chief, Captain East (Texas Battle), attempt to rescue the women, it’s a backwoods disaster.

Shortcomings in Wrong Place

Wrong Place is riddled with glaring problems. Let’s start with the strange tone change. The film begins on a depressing note before launching into the action sequences. It becomes brutal and gory before unexpectedly becoming amusing. Captain East, a black guy, begins making racially charged jokes despite his desperate situation. This makes absolutely no sense. People are getting injured as he riffs on one-liners like a comic. I’m not sure why this was done. Any serious objectives are undermined by the crude comedy.

Wrong Place is Bruce Willis’s second collaboration with filmmaker Mike Burns. Out of Death, their first flop, serves as a foreshadowing of this calamity. The Los Angeles Times ran an exposé on filmmakers dealing with Willis’ aphasia. They discovered a “Out of Death” email in which Burns drastically cut

Willis’ lines. According to the Los Angeles Times, Burns requested “no monologues.”

Check the Out the Teaser


Can we watch WRONG PLACE MOVIE Online?

Yes, on Apple TV

Is it an Adult movie?

NO, kids can enjoy the movie too.

Does Ashley Greene dies in the movie?

Maybe yes or no.

Audience review for WRONG PLACE MOVIE.

There are no such reviews yet, because movie will release on July 15, 2022.


A methamphetamines cook tracks down the former police chief of a small town in order to quiet him before he can testify against his family, but he finds himself up against more than he intended for.


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