Rent a Girlfriend Live Action: The Popular Rom-com Series Are Coming With Live Action Drama!

The creators of Rent a Girlfriend launched the news of Rent a girlfriend’s live-action drama after revealing the second season of the anime. With this announcement, Asahi Network has startled the audience.

It’s thrilling for fans who are looking forward to the anime’s second season, which will premiere in July 2022. They’ll be able to see the live-action drama as well as the second season of the anime.

Reiji Miyajima‘s Rent-A-Girlfriend, also known as Kanojo, Okarishimasu, is a Japanese manga, which is written as well as illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. Since July 2017, this has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, and as of May 2022, it has been collected into twenty-six volumes. In North America, the series is licensed by Kodansha USA, which released the first edition in English around June 2020.

So, here’s everything you need to learn about the latest live-action project.

Rent a Girlfriend Live Action: When Is the Drama Coming?

Rent A Girlfriend Live Action

Rent A Girlfriend is receiving a live-action drama, according to RAG’s official website. The debut of the Rent A Girlfriend live-action drama was confirmed in an official release. It also was accompanied by secondary information. The ultimate reveal happened a few days after the announcement of Rent A Girlfriend’s second season.

This program will be broadcast just on the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Television network on Sundays at 11:55 p.m., as well as Saturdays at 26:30 a.m. and Sundays at 2:30 a.m. on TV Asahi.

The Rent A Girlfriend Live-Action Drama would premiere in July 2022, according to the official release. In July, the anime of the same title will be released. Overall, there is no word on when the drama will be released.

Rent a Girlfriend Live Action: What’s the Storyline of the Series?

Rent A Girlfriend Live Action plot

After a month of dating, Kazuya Kinoshita got dumped by their girlfriend Mami Nanami. He eventually decides to hire a new girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara, a gorgeous and lovely girl, through an online dating app. But, he offers her a negative rating since he believes she was dishonest. When Chizuru criticizes him for it at the next meeting, he finds she’s a lot meaner than he thought.

After Kazuya’s grandmother is admitted to the hospital after collapsing, he brings Chizuru with him, and his grandma is enamored by her beauty. As a result, Kazuya continues to hire Chizuru to keep up the pretense with his friends and family. However, things become problematic when they find they were the next apartment neighbors and attended the same college.

But it really is possible that Kazuya’s rock bottom is even deeper! Home, school, and life begin to go haywire, and to make things worse, Chizuru is far more than the attractive face and gentle attitude he expected. So, let’s see how this unusual story takes different turns in the Rent A Girlfriend live-action drama.

Rent a Girlfriend Live Action: Who Are Involved in the Play?

Rent A Girlfriend Live Action cast

The Rent A Girlfriend live action is directed by Daisuke Yamamoto, who is recognized for his work on the Ossan’s Love franchise, while the screenplays are written by Kumiko Asō, who is known for projects like Marumo no Okite.

Kazuya Kinoshita is a Tokyo-based 20-year-old university student. Ryusei Onishi, a singer of the idol band Naniwa Danshi, will play the role of Kazuya, who decides to hire a girlfriend after a terrible breakup with his girlfriend Mami Nanami. Hiyori Sakurada, who participated in the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film, will play Chizuru Mizuhara, a university student that moonlights as a rental girlfriend for Diamond company.

Shiori Akita will play Mami Nanami, Kazuya’s former girlfriend, according to the official website for Reiji Miyajima’s Rent-A-Girlfriend live-action series.

Does the Live Action Have an Anime?

Rent A Girlfriend Live Action 2

On December 15, 2019, an anime tv series adaptation was announced. TMS Entertainment animated the series, which was directed by Kazuomi Koga. Mitsutaka Hirota was in charge of the series’ composition, Kanna Hirayama designed the characters, while Hyadain composed the soundtrack.

The Peggies performed “Centimeter” as the show’s opening song. The very first ending theme, “Kokuhaku Bungee Jump,” was performed by Halca. The anime was broadcast on MBS and other networks from July 11 to September 26, 2020, as part of the Super Animeism programming block.

It was reported on September 25, 2020, only days before the first season’s conclusion was streamed abroad, that a season 2 had been given a greenlit for production. Studio Comet is assisting with the production, while the principal cast and crew are repeating their roles. On July 2, 2022, the Rent a Girlfriend season 2 will begin.

Crunchyroll has the rights to the anime outside of Asia and also announced on August 11, 2020, that the show will get an English adaptation, which aired on August 28. The anime is licensed by Muse Communication for both Southeast Asia and South Asia, therefore is available on the streaming platform iQIYI in Southeast Asia. The show was later aired on Animax.

Season 1 came to a close with a flurry of exciting occurrences in the final episode that made fans totally hanging. Mami hired Chizuru and then questioned her about Kazuya, admitting that she was aware of the truth about her and Kazuya’s connection. Chizuru, on the other hand, refuted this,  saying that Kazuya was indeed her boyfriend.

With this going on, Chizuru also questioned Mami if she still considered Kazuya to be her genuine love, but she didn’t get much of a reaction out of her. Then after some time, Kazuya talks with Chizuru and admits how he wanted her as a girlfriend, but then corrects himself by saying that he just means as a rental girlfriend. The second season is expected to go deeper into Kazuya, Chizuru, and Mami’s relationship.


As of now the trailer for the live-action has not come, but you can enjoy the whole storyline with the trailer of the upcoming Season 2 of Rent a Girlfriend.