Wife Shot Husband Dead after Heated Argument in Memphis; Kids Traumatized as Father Died in front of Them

Court records show that a woman is being charged with murder after a shooting in Frayser on Tuesday night.

Tuesday just after 10 p.m., Memphis police were called to Ardmore Street for a shooting. The statement says that when police arrived at the house, children outside said that their mother had shot their father.

When the police went inside, they found Elita Bean in the kitchen and Terrence Bean dead on the ground. Records showed that Elita Bean told police that the gun went off while she was fighting with her husband over it.

Elita Bean was taken to the hospital because she was having shoulder pain and then placed under arrest.

At the scene of the crime, police talked to a child who said that their father, Terrance Bean, was fighting with their mother, Elita Bean, over some keys. Elita Bean then got a knife and tried to stab the man in the kitchen as the fight got worse.

The child told police as well. Instead, the husband got the gun and told Elita Bean to “shoot him,” according to the records. The man had a deep cut on his right middle finger and a cut on his left wrist when the police saw his body. Court records show that investigators also found a big knife and three empty 9mm shell casings in the kitchen trash can.

Eliza Bean was charged with second-degree murder, and her court date is May 24, 2024.