Survivor 46 Winner Revealed after the Wild Finale Wrap-Up

It would be too mild to say that Survivor 46 has been a crazy season. From the “Q-Skirt” to a new way to say “several” to a not-so-safe game of hide and seek, the last 13 weeks have been full of funny things. But it’s also had some of the most emotional and dramatic events I can remember in recent years.

There are meltdowns, rivalries, and Tribal Council fights almost every week. As a result, the game has become completely wild, with a record five castaways being voted out while holding idols. Now it’s all down to the Final Five. They have three days, two tasks, and one final vote to see who wins.

And The Winner Is…

Kenzie Petty was the most stylish person on Survivor 46. She wore a different outfit to every Tribal Council except one. It shows not only how stylish the shop owner is, but also how well she can adapt to different situations.

The other girls knew right away that Kenzie got along well with everyone she met. But her friendliness and willingness to be there for everyone in times of trouble made her less of a danger. Kenzie wasn’t in charge of many big moves, but she was always safe because she was good at making friends and getting votes.

Survivor 46 Winner Revealed after the Wild Finale Wrap-Up

Kenzie finished her game with style. The judges thought her story was better than the others, so she won the game, the fire-making task, and an important immunity challenge.

A Memorable Union

After the winner was announced, there was a reunion for Survivor 46, but it was different from how it was before the “new era.” On the island, the votes were read right after they were made. Then the winners and the judges got together to talk about the season.

According to host and executive producer Jeff Probst, the decision was made on the spot so that the participants would still have a chance to debrief if the COVID-19 situation had not calmed down in time for live events.

What’s Next

Survivor 46 Winner Revealed after the Wild Finale Wrap-Up (2)

Survivor 47 will premiere this fall in its usual slot of Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. It will also continue to air 90-minute episodes. This season raised the expectations as the season was full of wild turns in the absolute wild.