Woman Molested and Tortured by Ex-Boyfriend and Threatened Her to Leak Explicit Images; Arrested and Charged in Louisiana

A man and student at Louisiana State University was charged with rape and extortion after allegedly threatening a past sexual partner with violence and then sexually assaulting them on campus in January.

Police in Baton Rouge charged Michael Son Trinh, 22, with bribery and third-degree rape.

On Tuesday, May 14, the LSU Police Department went to a dorm room for a report. Their conversation with the victim revealed that they had met Trinh on Snapchat and “ultimately had a consensual sexual encounter.”

They are said to have tried to stop talking to Trinh after that. They kept talking to him because they were afraid he would send sexually detailed pictures of them to other people.

They said they felt forced to do several sexual acts they didn’t want to in late January, even though they told the person they weren’t interested and looked upset.

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They later blocked him on all of his ways to contact them after Trinh was caught on a charge that had nothing to do with the case. He is accused of blackmail and cyberstalking on February 14, 2024. A man linked to the kidnapping and rape of an LSU student in 2017 has pleaded guilty.

This message came out from LSU on May 21, Tuesday.

“This student has been arrested and along with going through the legal system, will also go through our student conduct process. While federal law prohibits us from sharing any findings or disciplinary actions based on that process, we want to assure our community that we take this matter very seriously and are taking all the proper steps. We are also doing everything possible to assist the survivor of this incident and are making available to them the full range of the university’s resources and support.”

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