Who Is the Most Influential Fictional Character of All Time? Let’s Find Out!

Art is said to be as old as humanity itself. Fiction as an art form may not be as ancient as humanity, but it is most likely as old as writing. It progressed from a written form (literature) in Antiquity to current art forms like movies, comic comics, and video games. From the invention of fiction, an astonishing number of characters have been created, some memorable, some loathed, and some forgotten. Yet, regardless of how they are seen, fictional characters are a vital part of most people’s lives, and most of us have a favorite fictitious character. This article will discuss the most powerful fictional characters, with the goal of determining the top ten.

The talents aren’t only physical prowess, but the sum of a character’s abilities, their prominence inside their fictional universe, and the effect they had (or could have) in molding their realms. Comparing them was the most difficult work of all, but we did our best and hope you enjoy reading about the most powerful fictional characters of all time.

10. Son Goku 

Son Goku is the primary character and protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is modeled after Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the famous Chinese tale Journey to the West. Goku initially appeared in Dragon Ball chapter #1 in 1984, named Bulma and Son Goku ( Buruma to Son Gok), as an eccentric, monkey-tailed youngster who pursues martial arts and boasts superhuman power. He meets Bulma and accompanies her on her quest to collect the Dragon Balls, which are required to summon the mythical dragon Shenlong.

who is the strongest fictional character

Goku is seen to be lighthearted and happy while not in battle, but he soon becomes serious and strategic in battle, and he is also highly passionate to fight. He can focus his Ki and use it to execute devastatingly strong energy-based strikes, the most notable of which is his signature Kamehameha, in which Goku releases a blue energy explosion from his hands.

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9. Kratos 

Sparta is where Kratos was born. Around the time of his birth, an oracle gave a prophesy regarding the downfall of the Olympian gods not by the hand of the imprisoned Titans, but by a mortal described as “a marked warrior”.
Because Kratos’ younger brother, Deimos, possessed an unusual birthmark, the gods abducted him and handed him over to Thanatos, the God of Death, who tormented him for years. Kratos soon after got a crimson tattoo to memorialize his sister, whom he thought was dead. Kratos later found and rescued his brother, but Thanatos killed him, and Kratos killed Thanatos.

Kratos grew up to marry and have a daughter, but he was also regarded as a vicious and merciless warrior. When he saw his army was about to be defeated, he gave himself to Ares, the God of War, in order to improve.

8. Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Wulfric Albus Percival Brian Dumbledore is a fictitious character from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster of Hogwarts and the head of the Order of the Phoenix throughout the most of the main story.

He was born in 1881 into a wizarding household, with a brother Aberforth and a sister Ariana to whom he was quite close. His father perished in Azkaban when he was young, and his mother and sister were murdered in an accident. He was quite close to Gellert Grindlewald as a child, who grew up to become the most deadly dark wizard of his time.

who is the strongest fictional character

He was regarded as the greatest magician who had lived, and Harry Potter even named his son Albus Severus Potter in honor of him and Severus Snape. He was interred at Hogwarts, where a picture of him hangs alongside those of other previous headmasters. We feel Albus Dumbledore deserves a position on our list because of his remarkable abilities. Regarding his relationship with Goku and Kratos, we are reasonably certain that Dumbledore would use his remarkable talents to stop them because none of them has any magical abilities and were just superb warriors.

7. Reverse-Flash (DC Comics)

The Reverse-Flash is a superhero moniker used by numerous distinct characters in the DC Comics world, similar to the Flash. There have been five Reverse-Flashes as of the writing of this article: Edward Clariss, Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon, Thaddeus Thawne, and Daniel West. We’ll concentrate on Eobard Thawne because he is by far the most well-known and influential Reverse-Flash in the timeline.

6. Yoda (Star Wars)

Yoda is a Jedi from the Star Wars universe and one of the franchise’s most known characters. He is a little, green creature of unknown origin; Yoda’s origin (his home planet and race) remains one of the greatest mysteries in the Star Wars universe, and Lucas never gave any definitive facts.

He is the commander of the Jedi Council and a Jedi Grand Master. Yoda is both unusually ancient and exceptionally strong, so much so that he may easily be named the most powerful Jedi in the film franchise.

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5. Arceus (Pokémon)

Arceus is the deity of the Pokémon universe, the first Pokémon ever created and maybe the final one. It occupies a separate world of its own (known as Arceus’ World) and is commonly acknowledged as the creator of the complete Pokémon universe.

who is the strongest fictional character

Along with certain other Legendary Pokémon; Arceus itself is a Mythical Pokémon and is known as “The Original One“. It is a Sinnoh-based Pokémon that was originally released in Generation IV.

4. ZeedMillenniummon (Digimon)

ZeedMillenniummon is a Mega-level Evil God Digimon who featured in the Digimon Adventure and Digimon Xros Wars tie-in materials as an antagonist. He is the last manifestation of Moon=Millenniummon. Floating freely across space and time, he is an evil creature that is still attempting to destroy all eras and planets, with devastation being his sole true purpose.

Although a Digimon will become a Digi-Egg if defeated in combat, it has been known on rare instances to be revived from within the corpse of its data.

3. Presence (DC Comics)

The Presence is a fictional character who appears in DC Comics comic books. The Presence made its début as The Voice (of The Presence), one of its many manifestations, and was responsible for energizing Jim Corrigan as the Spectre.

who is the strongest fictional character

The Presence is a deep and fascinating figure in the DC Universe mythos. Although there are many deities in the DC Universe, author Greg Rucka acknowledged that God (in the Abrahamic sense) is above all of them. Although God was a highly enigmatic entity in DC Comics canon, it was subsequently revealed that the legendary Presence is really the Abrahamian god that oversees the whole universe.

2. The One Above All (Marvel Comics)

The One Above All (alternatively One-Above-All) is a fictional Marvel Universe god who is portrayed as the creator of the whole Multiverse. Although his presence was part of the Marvel mythos from the beginning, he did not debut until 2004’s Fantastic Four #511, where he emerged in the shape of Jack Kirby; his creators are listed as Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo. The design of The One Above All altered, and many people now believe that he is not Jack Kirby, but rather Stan Lee, but this has never been officially proven.

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1. Dr. Manhattan (DC Comics)

Dr. Manhattan is a pen name for Jonathan “Jon” Osterman, a fictitious character in the DC Comics world. He first appeared in Alan Moore’s iconic comic novel Watchmen (1986), and has had an even larger impact in molding the DC Universe than The Presence.

who is the strongest fictional character

Dr. Manhattan was inspired by an unpleasant occurrence that occurred when physicist Jon Osterman returned to his lab coat to get a watch. Osterman walked inside since the lab coat was left in a test room, but the door closed.

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