List of Top 10 Most Powerful Dragon Ball Characters!

As you may know, Dragon Ball Z is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball series, focusing on Goku and his comrades defending and safeguarding Earth from foes. Because Dragon Ball Z is famed for its violent fights, it’s only right that we go through the top ten strongest characters from the anime.
It’s crucial to remember that not all characters are created equal in terms of power, and that even during transformations and new forms, some characters might take on stronger forms than others.

So, who are the most powerful characters on the show? Continue reading to discover our top ten Dragon Ball Z villains you wouldn’t want to mess with!

10. Hit

Hit is a warrior from Universe 6 and is widely regarded as the universe’s assassin. He is only moderately powerful in terms of physical force and strength, but his major skill is the capacity to skip through time, allowing him to take advantage of the time leap.

who is the strongest dbz character

This will allow him to accomplish a variety of things, like imprison his foes in a time warp that he alone has complete control over, rendering him virtually impenetrable while storing his body in these temporal dimensions. These lethal abilities enable Hit to be the most powerful warrior in Universe 6, a force to be reckoned with.

Hit is a strong fighter with a powerful punch who can hold his own in any bout. He’ll battle Goku or Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, which is absurd considering most fighters can’t handle Goku or Vegeta in this form. However, despite packing a powerful punch and being able to battle some of the top fighters in their prime, he would not even be on the list if he didn’t have the time.

 9. Buu

Buu is a difficult figure to rank on this list due to the many distinct forms he assumes during the series. In the Dragon Ball Z series, his last form is also known as “Kid Buu,” however it is not always his strongest form. Kid Buu, on the other hand, was somewhat unpredictable and had the most evil intents of any of his forms, which were filled of intense fury and rage. Buu’s strongest form, however, was his Super form during his fight with Vegito, soon after absorbing Gohan.

It ultimately took the strength of a Fusion to take on the demeanor and character of “Super Buu”; him absorbing his innocent half created a stronger version of himself that no one saw coming, especially the DBZ warriors who had to face him. He eventually absorbed and stole the energies of Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan, transforming him into a nearly invincible force.

8. Gohan

As the series unfolds, Goku’s sibling, Gohan, grows in knowledge and ability. Gohan, who was taught by the one and only Piccolo, becomes capable of defeating some of Dragon Ball Z’s most formidable foes, including Cell, when he first unlocks Super Saiyan 2. During the Buu saga, he loses some of his power, becoming what many fans now refer to as Tracksuit Gohan. Having said that, this ended up leading the Tournament of Power, and it is during the Tournament of Power that Gohan truly reaches his finest form and most powerful transformations.

who is the strongest dbz character

He may have been able to defeat Super Buu, even if not at his peak form, at least in terms of strength and power, but he is still not among the finest. He did regain several of his powers during the Tournament of Power, and he is now ranked among the top ten fighters on Dragon Ball Z. While he may not be among the top few, he is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.

7. Frieza

Frieza was formally debuted in the anime Dragon Ball Z TV series as the main antagonist of Frieza Saga. He was initially presented as the conqueror of the planets in the Dragon Ball Z TV anime series, until he was beaten by Goku and subsequently cut and pummeled by Future Trunk. Still, this villain is a badass who should be commended for his abilities, and he returns in “Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F,” where he will be much more nasty than before.

Once Frieza takes on the form of “Golden Frieza”, be very very afraid. This is a form that matches up to Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form.

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6. Toppo

Toppo is a member of Universe 11’s Pride Troopers, a troop of warrior heroes that combat evil and seek justice for the innocent and virtuous. He is the Pride Troopers’ second strongest member, with two forms: his ordinary form and a destroyer form that he will disclose more about at the end of the Tournament of Power.

who is the strongest dbz character

Toppo, in his destroyer form, proved to be a strong opponent and someone not to be underestimated, with whom even Vegeta struggled to battle and cope. Toppo already had Super Saiyan Blue strength, but when combined with his Destroyer form and the devastating force that comes with it, he was even stronger.

5. Vegeta

Vegeta was initially introduced as an evil Saiyan Prince intent on destroying and dominating Earth. He was a pompous and arrogant warrior who was highly proud of his power and talents until Goku defeated him one day, turning him becoming Goku’s arch-enemy later in life. Vegeta has trained tirelessly to defeat Goku, achieving the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 levels, but he is unable to acquire the Super Saiyan 3 level, and hence cannot take care of Goku in the manner he would want.

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 4. Goku

Goku is our primary character and protagonist throughout the Dragon Ball Z series, and he is by far the most powerful mortal hero in Dragon Ball Z. (excluding fusion forms like Vegito or Gogeta). He’s also one of the most recognizable characters, as the storyline and story line revolve on him. He is also the first surviving Saiyan to achieve many Super Saiyan levels, most notably Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods. No other Saiyan has ever accomplished what Goku has.

3. Jiren

Jiren outperforms Goku in the Tournament of Power, earning him a higher ranking. Jiren, like Toppo, is a Pride Trooper from Universe 11, although he is the stronger of the two.

who is the strongest dbz character

He trained nonstop to avoid having to confront catastrophe like he had in the past. The gods even worried he was the foretold warrior who would outnumber them in power.

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2. Beerus

Beerus is a well-known Egyptian cat humanoid creature that dresses like, well, an Egyptian cat-human. He may be little, but don’t let that deceive you; he’s Universe 7’s God of Destruction, and he aims to destroy every single planet (God or human) that threatens the universe’s equilibrium.

1. Whis

As previously said, we don’t know much about Whis other than the fact that he taught and trained Beerus. Whis was created as Beerus’ Angel attendant and tops our ranking as Dragon Ball Z’s strongest, hardest, and most badass character.

who is the strongest dbz character

Although Whis does not continually battle and is not particularly active in the series, he does not have to be because what is known and is there has already been established as he is Beerus’ teacher and mentor, which indicates that he is not only a superior fighter, but also stronger than the God of Destruction.

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