Who has Liam Hemsworth dated? Girlfriends List, Dating History

Liam Hemsworth, an Australian-born actor best known for playing Gale Hawthorne in the ever-famous ‘Hunger Games’ film series, is a popular figure and well-known hottie among the women.

Though Liam is not as well-known as his elder brother, Chris, who got the part of ‘Thor’ in his place, Liam’s notoriety and talent as an actor make him a difficult competitor. Though, as Liam noted, they frequently compete as brothers, the competition is friendly, and their competitive camaraderie encourages them to always grow.


Liam Hemsworth

He was born on 13 January 1990 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the youngest child of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth and the brother of Chris and Luke. He spent the most of his youth in Melbourne and Phillip Island. Liam and his siblings spent much of their leisure time growing up surfing, especially after the family relocated to Phillip Island.

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Liam and his brother Chris went to the United States shortly after his eighteenth birthday in 2009, aiming to pursue a career in Hollywood. It didn’t take them long to make their family name in Hollywood, rapidly becoming well-known for their performances in successful films.

He got multiple credits on Australian television before becoming a famous American star, arriving to America with an established career and pockets full of potential, talent, and, of course, good looks.

Liam Hemsworth

He took part in school plays in high school because he admired his siblings’ professional choice. After getting the aid of an agency, Liam attended his first audition at the age of sixteen, which marked the beginning of his career. He also appeared as a guest star in the Australian soap opera ‘Home and Away’ and the drama series ‘Mcleod’s Daughters‘ in 2007.

In July 2007, Liam won his first recurring role in the serial series ‘Neighbours,’ which lasted until 2008. Liam then appeared as a guitarist in the protagonist’s band in the children’s musical ‘The Elephant Princess.’

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He also appeared in the television series ‘Satisfaction,’ the British film ‘Triangle,’ and the 2009 science fiction picture ‘Knowing.’ Liam landed a role in ‘The Expandables’ shortly after coming in the United States, but his character never made it to the big screen, costing him the opportunity to work with numerous established actors.

High School Heartache

When the Hemsworth family relocated, the pair met while attending school on Phillip Island. Unfortunately, their romance drew unfavorable attention from gossip outlets, who said Liam abandoned Laura to date his famous ex-wife, Miley Cyrus.

The claims drew a lot of attention in Australia, with headlines claiming that Laura accused Miley of taking her boyfriend. Laura stated in an exclusive interview about their relationship that Liam was more than just a boyfriend; she considered him her best friend. According to Laura, Liam was the new man at school, but despite this, he was popular, and all the ladies thought he was cute.

Liam Hemsworth

Among her most famous posts was one in which she insisted on sitting around with Liam and watching movies. Miley said that they fell in love despite all odds. Nonetheless, Laura was upset by the abrupt end of her romance with Hemsworth, claiming on Facebook that she spent the majority of her time sobbing and suffering from sorrow blues. Laura also voiced her sorrow at losing both the boy she thought was her true love and her greatest friend.

A Different Truth

Although the tabloids made much of Liam’s connection with Miley, as well as Laura’s reported unhappiness with it, another piece of history in Liam’s love life might cast doubt on the entire scenario.

A separate fact concerning child actress Amanda Bynes would suggest that Miley was not the first female to snag the attractive Australian actor.

Shortly before commencing production on ‘The Last Song,’ Liam appeared to become acquainted with the ‘Hairspray’ actress at Trousdale, a well-known Hollywood mingling hotspot.

Though their flirty behavior did not generate such a stir in 2009, rumors persisted that something romantic, or at the very least intimate, occurred between Bynes and Hemsworth. The duo were spotted hardly keeping their hands to themselves, and at one point Liam even shot a provocative photo of his date, raising questions about his intentions with the photo.

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At the time, Liam’s followers and fans even hoped that he might possibly reconnect with Amanda.

Whatever the case, the photographic evidence of Amanda’s date with Liam is proof enough to safely say that Miley might be innocent for once.

Daring Moments

Despite the years they spent together, Liam and Miley’s relationship was everything from steady and consistent, as many of his followers and devoted fans are well aware. Following the news that Miley had broken up with Hemsworth after a wild night with a houseful of blonde beauty at a party in Newport Beach, California, Liam was seen flirting with ‘Mad Men’ star, January Jones in 2013.

The two met at a Golden Globes afterparty and subsequently left together to visit an unknown house party, where things grew increasingly violent between them, according to witnesses.

Liam and Jones had passionate kisses in an abandoned passage, according to accounts and speculations later published in tabloids. However, witnesses reported that January appeared inebriated and careless. Miley, with whom Liam was engaged at the time, was later discovered to be devastated by the stories aired by the media. It appeared to be the only time Jones and Hemsworth spent together, since none of them mentioned it afterwards. As a result of the absence of sufficient evidence, Liam’s purported hook-up with January remains only a rumor.

Who has Liam Hemsworth Dated in the Past?

As previously said, Hemsworth’s first well-known romance was with Miley Cyrus, with whom he spent nearly nine years.
After meeting on the set of the 2010 film The Last Song, things moved swiftly for the couple, and they were engaged by 2012.

They called off their engagement in 2013, but they reconnected roughly two years later. They married in a small ceremony in Nashville in December 2018, but Hemsworth filed for divorce barely eight months later. Hemsworth was photographed kissing Baby Driver actor Eliza Gonzalez the day after his breakup with Cyrus was public. Gonzalez was quick to answer when asked about the connection, telling Latina magazine: “That is something I would never discuss. What actually important is that I concentrate on my task.”

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That takes us to Hemsworth’s most recent love interest, Gabriella Brooks.
The couple kept their romance out of the spotlight, however they occasionally featured in one other’s social media posts. “They like the same things and live in the same way,” they said, adding that the model was “extremely relaxed back and even keeled.”
Aside from brief appearances in pictures together, nothing was known about their relationship. Keeping this in mind, the recent split rumors are just that: rumors. We hope that whatever their present relationship status is, they are both happy.

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