Gabriel Iglesias Wife, Family, Height, Kids, Net Worth 2022, Etc.

If you have been watching stand-up comedy, then Gabriel Iglesias is someone you cannot forget, and so is Gabriel Iglesias wife. They have been rocking every performance and are regarded as one of the power couples in the industry.

gabriel iglesias wife

The genres of his comedy are observational comedy, surreal humor, physical comedy, self-deprecation, and satire. Iglesias is famous for his stand-up performance for Comedy Central and Netflix. Iglesias is also renowned for his role as Tobias in Magic Mike.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife 

Gabriel Iglesias is a charming individual. He’s an expert in the field of comedy. But his personal life isn’t all that rosy. Claudia Valdez, Gabriel Iglesias’s wife or girlfriend, has ended their relationship.

Their romance began in the year 2008. Their common ground is that they are both in the field of comedy. But, after spending so much time together, they parted ways in 2019.

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The comedian’s breakdown in Dallas in 2017 was the main reason for their breakup. Claudia’s feelings were severely hurt as a result of this. Iglesias believed it would be best to leave things after that and concentrate on his career.

Gabriel Iglesias Son

This can be an exciting topic to discuss. Many fans are aware that Gabriel is not married at this time. Even though he has had some good relationships, he has never married.

gabriel iglesias wife

He does, however, have a son named Frankie. Despite the fact that he is the son of his ex-girlfriend, Claudia, he has adopted the child. Iglesias has always considered Frankie to be his son, lavishing him with attention and affection.

Gabriel Iglesias Family

Gabriel Iglesias was born on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California. His parents’ names are Esther Mendez and Jesus Iglesias. This comedian’s family also included six other siblings. Despite his well-to-do family, Gabriel had some hard times growing up. However, one can say that he had quite a good time with the friends and family around the mix.

Gabriel Iglesias Early Life and Education

Iglesias studied at Woodrow Wilson High School, located in Long Beach, California, and graduated in 1994. He wasn’t the brightest student academically, but he did do the basics in education well.

Gabriel Iglesias Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Gabriel Iglesias stands at 1.73 m or 5 feet 10 inches tall, and his weight is about 167 pounds or 76 kg. Gabriel’s zodiac sign is Cancer. His hair is black, and his eyes of Iglesias are dark brown.

Iglesias’s residential status is American, but he hails from a Mexican ethnic background. Gabriel follows Christianity as his religion.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

The field of comedy is improving every day. You need to be good at what you do, and the net worth will flow in. Gabriel Iglesias net worth as of 2022 is $40 million. All of this is the result of his work in the field of comedy.

gabriel iglesias wife

Not only that, his tours, along with the live concerts, tend to help the earnings. Besides what he has made from comedy, Gabriel has his special show on Netflix, which pays him a pretty good amount.

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He is right into his prime. His net worth will increase with the TV appearances for his skills and the value of his brand name. Readers will be made aware of any further add up to the net worth.

Gabriel Iglesias House

The living property of Gabriel Iglesias is pretty good. One can say that he doesn’t spend too much money on the assets or the show-off items. But he lives in a lavish home.

At present, the house of Gabriel Iglesias is present in Signal Hill. This particular facility is as lavish as it may sound. The house is spread over 3322 sq ft of area with four bedrooms and an equal number of bathrooms.

Also, the house was built in 2002 and had some better facilities. A fireplace in the interior was added with a large balcony, spa, and garage. You can dream of living in such a beautiful property.

With the presence of lush green and bushes around the property, one can say that it is serene with the view. The house is made of bricks, and the presence of a patio and a large center island in the kitchen is a big plus.

Health Issues

Gabriel Iglesias has been tested positive on 15th July 2021. Due to this, he has canceled his tapings and recordings for upcoming comedy specials. He also had a stage breakdown in 2017.

After his breakup, Gabriel suffered from depression and alcohol abuse. He could not concentrate on his professional life and private life. Iglesias also suffers from diabetes and obesity.

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Due to these factors, he eventually got emotional during the show and had a stage breakdown. This led him to cancel his performance and take two long years of break to focus on his health and career.

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