How to Play Among Us With Friends? Here You Will Know About That in Detail!

At its core, Among Us is a multiplayer game that involves deception, trickery, and hours of entertainment. It takes inspiration from board games like Cluedo and Murder Mystery, which managed to recreate the same experience for us as children. The best way to play Among Us is, of course, with your friends.

This allows you to detect behavioral changes in your friends, making the game more enjoyable. If you want to play Among Us with your friends, you can do so quite easily. Let’s take a look at all the different ways you can play Among Us with your friends.

Play Online With Friends Among Us

Online games are intended for users who do not share a local network. This will allow you and your friends to enjoy Among Us to the fullest by connecting remotely. Playing the game online is completely free on both desktop and mobile devices. Let’s examine how you can both host and join an Among Us online room. This should help you understand both hosting and joining hosted games.

Hosting a Room (Create a Private Room)

Hosting a Room permits the creation of one’s own Among Us game. You can choose the map, the number of imposters, and the number of players allowed in your room for that specific game. Let’s examine how to host an online game within Among Us.

  • Launch Among Us on your preferred device and select “Online” to begin.
  • Now, within the ‘Host’ section, select ‘Create game’.
  • Choose the map that you and your teammates wish to play at the top.
  • Click on the number of impostors you wish to include in the game.
  • Select the chat language in the section labeled “Chat.” Leaving this setting at ‘Other’ will permit all users to utilize different chat scripts.
  • Now, choose the maximum number of players you wish to allow in your room.
  • Click/tap the ‘Confirm’ button in the lower right corner of the screen.

how to play among us with friends

Among Us will now transport you to the lobby of the newly created room. A unique code will appear at the bottom of your screen. Share this code with any friends or family members you wish to invite to the game, and they should be able to enter your room using the same code.

Joining a Room (Join Private Room by a Friend)

In Among Us, joining a room hosted by a friend is a straightforward process. All you need to do is obtain the unique room code from your host friend, and you’re all set.

  • Launch Among Us on your device and tap or click ‘Online’ to begin.
  • Click/tap ‘Enter code’ beneath ‘Private’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the code provided by your friend in the final text box.
  • Tap/click the arrow next to the code.

And that is all. You should have now automatically joined the room, and both you and the host should be in the game lobby.

Among Us With Friends: Play Locally (Offline)

If you and your friends are on the same network, you can host a local game in addition to playing online on the Innersloth servers.

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It provides decreased latency and waits times, which could be a significant benefit for diehard fans. Let’s examine how you can host and participate in local games with your friends and family.

Hosting a Room

  • Launch Among Us on your chosen device and tap/click ‘Local’ to begin.
  • Now, tap or click “Create game.”

And that concludes it! You should now be in the lobby and a room for you and your companions should have been created automatically. In contrast to online games, you are not required to share a code with your friends. They can simply tap your name to join the game you’ve designed. In addition, you can select the game’s map and a number of imposters from the lobby’s in-game customization menu.

Joining a Room

  • Launch Among Us on your preferred device and ensure you are connected to the same network as the host of the game. Start by tapping/clicking ‘Local’ on the home screen.
  • Tap or click the host’s in-game name in the ‘Available Games’ section to begin.

And that concludes it! You will now be transferred automatically to the room’s lobby, where you should find all of your friends and the host to begin the game.

How to add friends to Among Us?

You do not need to add friends in order to play with them in Among Us. To play with friends, simply create a private online/local game as described above, and then share the game’s room code with them. However, if you’re referring to the game’s Friends system, here’s everything you need to know.

how to play among us with friends

Among Us currently lacks the ability to add other players as friends. Desktop users can add other players via Steam, while mobile users can exchange personal information in the chat if necessary. Due to the fact that the chat is accessible to everyone, you should proceed with caution.

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Fans of the game shouldn’t be disappointed, however, as a Steam announcement by Innersloth revealed that the developers are working on a native friend-adding feature for Among Us. We can anticipate the feature in future game updates. Currently, the developers appear to be focusing on server issues, and this appears to be their second priority. Below is a link to their letter to users.


We hope this guide has provided you with all the information necessary to play Among Us with your friends. If you have any additional questions for us, feel free to post them in the section below.