Top 7 Most Scary Chapters of Uzumaki Manga That Can Give You Nightmares for Weeks!

The Uzumaki Manga crossed the limits of the horror genre!

The company Adult Swim has announced that it will produce an anime based on the scary manga Uzumaki by the legendary Junji Ito, which will debut in October 2022. However, if you have never read or heard about ‘Uzumaki,’ manga you may be unaware of its significance. Ito’s love for horrible body horror, the corruption of everyday life, and vast celestial phenomena are all combined in this horror manga. It’s the ultimate epic of its creator’s mind.

The storyline of Uzumaki is set in the fictional town of Kurouzu-Cho. The town’s residents are frequently depleted. Kirie Goshina and Shuichi Saito are two key characters who appear in the novel repeatedly. Strange and disturbing incidents occur everywhere around Shuichi, who thinks they are caused by the influence of the ‘Spirals.’ Uzumaki uses the positive sign from Japanese media multiple times.

Junji Ito’s Uzumaki manga tales aren’t only frightening. They have the capacity to send shivers down the spine of the reader with even the most horrible panels. So, here are some of Uzumaki’s most terrifying and creepy chapters, which portray how people can lose their humanity when dangling on the tip of a needle.

As we go any further, I’d like to point you that the following post contains vivid details from the Uzumaki manga that may be unsettling to some readers and deals with some extremely sensitive issues. If you are uncomfortable while reading it, we recommend that you stop scrolling.

1.Chapter-17 “Escape”

Uzumaki manga 1

More and more humans are being changed into snails, who are now referred to as “mollusk people.” Anybody who is slow is caught in the spiral and transformed.

The snail incident was really bad, but there’s an even worse version of it later in the manga. However, it is the humans, not the snails, who will keep you awake at night this time. The entire thing is a torturous scroll, earning it first position on the list of Uzumaki’s scariest chapters. The residents of Kurouzu-cho are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster. They are robbed of their homes, resources, food, and safety, among other things.

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This particular chapter was really disturbing, as people have started eating these mollusks people because they are facing a food shortage. In fact, it makes little difference if they were once their buddies or colleagues. At one point, a gang of individuals chains up their companion, who begins to grow a shell. They eagerly await his change in order to devour him. His pals devour him raw once he has been converted.

2. Chapter 18 “The Labyrinth”

Uzumaki manga 2

It’s scary enough to see thousands of people tangled up together, but it’s even scarier when these tangled masses throw away the bodies of those who had died of suffocation.

Though the first chapter did creep us out, the finale did a tenfold greater job. In the end, the chapter named episode, The Labyrinth focuses on a supernatural devastating hurricane, where people realize that row houses are the only structures that the wind cannot demolish. As a result, a population of 6000 people began to seek refuge in row houses in order to survive.

They link the row houses to make them bigger, but it’s still not enough to accommodate everyone. They’re all crammed in close quarters and will eventually become tangled. Because of their fear of storms, no one came out. As a result, while they are trapped inside, the outside is crowded with the odor of death.

3. Chapter – 11 “The Umbilical Cord”

Uzumaki manga 3

This chapter truly describes the feeling of horror and disgust. Though, all of the chapters in the Uzumaki manga are strange. In our experience, the umbilical cord was of the type that keeps you up all night. Whereas the finale was terrible, the events that followed were equally terrifying. The babies born after multiple pregnant women had given birth were suspicious.

A baby boy named Mariko was born to Kirie’s cousin. At almost the same time, the hospital begins to serve a new mushroom. The patients begin to enjoy it so much that they begin to exhibit signs of addiction. Kirie begins to question the new meal and refuses to consume it. She eventually makes her way to the infant ward, where she sees that the fresh mushrooms have sprouted from the babies’ stomachs.

Kirie rushes to see her sister, but the same mushrooms have infested her ward. Dr. Kawamoto appears and discloses that those mushrooms are placenta developed from umbilical cords. Moreover, he had recently conducted surgery on Kirie’s sister, re-inserting the baby into her womb, which is where babies prefer to be. The entire chapter is just messed up in every way, making it one of Uzumaki’s creepiest chapters.

4. Chapter 13 “The House”

Uzumaki manga 4

While skin illnesses are unpleasant, they have never struck you as something to be frightened of. But this chapter will definitely change that view when you encountered this terrifying chapter from Junji Ito’s popular Uzumaki manga.

Kirie and her family relocate to a row house when their home is devastated by a huge hurricane. The house has a number of flaws, but the family makes do and adjusts. The real issue, however, is hidden behind closed doors. Wakabayashi, their next-door neighbor, would peer through a peephole at Kirie.

In Junji Ito’s Uzumaki, stalking is the last thing on anyone’s mind. A skin condition strikes the family, causing wart-like abnormalities to appear all over their bodies. While they are in anguish, the peephole in the wall breaks, revealing Wakabayashi, who is entirely covered in the same wart-like growths. The House gives a lot of creeps on a very personal level because such skin illnesses are not rare.

5. Chapter 3 “The Scar”

Uzumaki manga 5

The Scar is the epitome of unpredictability. These kinds of stories are difficult to absorb because of the extraordinary circumstances and terrifying outcomes. The story combines the concepts of narcissism and addiction to produce something weird. Azami Kurotani, Kirie’s new friend, is a stunning woman who refuses to be swayed by romance.

Despite the fact that many boys approach her and ask her out, she always declines. With her celebrity aura, there are many rumors about her, the most prevalent of which is that the scar on her head gives her the ability to charm boys.

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Azami wants to meet Shuichi after learning that Kirie has a lover. The encounter, however, goes horribly wrong when Shuichi is horrified by her and claims that she has been corrupted by the spirals. Azami, who has never experienced rejection, grows obsessed with Shuichi and visits his home at weird hours while keeping his door shut.

The scar on her forehead spirals, making things even stranger. She pushes all boundaries by fooling Shuichi into coming out, but the spiral in her forehead grows out of control and consumes her. Azami vanishes without a trace.

6. Chapter 7 “Jack in the Box”

Uzumaki manga 6

Mitsuru Yamaguchi‘s persistent habit of springing out and shocking people inspired the title “Jack in the Box.” He was so taken with Kirie that he jumped in front of a car to declare his love and claim her. Things don’t work out for him, and he dies. This is one of the most disturbing chapters in Uzumaki manga as the manga panel depicting him being entirely run over by a car is just too real.

But hold on, it gets worse. Kirie is haunted by Mitsuru’s body. Kirie and Shuichi decide to stab his body with a stake to put an end to the situation. They succeed after a series of shocking incidents.

Finally, it is revealed that his body had been so badly bruised in the accident that the car’s suspension had proven hard to remove, so he was cremated with it. I know, creepy as hell.

7. Chapter 1 “The Spiral Obsession”

Uzumaki manga 7

The first chapter is incredible, and no other way could have done the job better than this opening chapter in the Uzumaki manga. This chapter is chock-full of hidden details, spirals, and full-page layouts of some of the most disgusting, gruesome, and remarkable body horror imagery ever created.

Uzumaki gets off to a solid start, with the very first chapter putting the readers’ resolve to finish the novel to the challenge. The primary protagonists, Kirie and Shuichi, are introduced in the first chapter. Shuichi’s father had been obsessed with spirals suddenly. He became so obsessed with them that he would get lost staring at them.

He goes insane whenever his wife tells him to stop his fixation. However, once he has calmed down, he states that he no longer wishes to spiral objects because he can spiral himself.