Toddlers Dragged and Abused at Day Care Center in Mississippi; Police Probing Video for Evidence

Two employees have been terminated as a result of allegations of child maltreatment at a daycare facility in Eupora.

After a woman captured video of what appears to be a daycare worker positioning her foot on top of a young child, holding the child down, V’s Peace, Love, and Happy Faces fired the employees.

The woman is depicted placing the infant on a window ledge in another segment of the video. The child is subsequently restrained by the woman’s forearm.

A second video appears to depict an additional woman, who is also suspected to be a daycare worker, shoving a small child out of the way.

The video and the allegations of child maltreatment are currently under investigation by law enforcement.

The chief informed WTVA 9 News that the daycare has been in operation for two decades and that this is the first complaint they have received.

“The state entered and discovered some issues, and as a result, they cited the daycare and the workers,” stated Lawrence Caradine, the Chief of Police in Eupora. “It has been a satisfactory daycare; however, incidents occur, and personnel are hired and fired as they attempt to manage all responsibilities.”

No one has been apprehended, and no one has been charged as per WTWA News. No one at the daycare was interested in providing commentary on this ongoing investigation.

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