These Are The 5 Perfect Places For A Perfect Retirement in Florida

Whenever we hear the word ‘retirement,’ we often think that it is a phase of life where we take things slow. Yes, that’s true. But a slow life does not mean a boring life. Florida is a state where life offers everything. With its beautiful shores and the everlasting Sunshine, the Sunshine State can be a perfect destination for retirement. Here, you will find 5 best places for retirement in Florida. Scroll down to find out why they are the best.


The area along the Gulf of Mexico has white-sand beaches, golf courses, and nice winter weather that brings a lot of seniors. Naples is a great place for retirees to live because it is desirable, makes people happy, and has low taxes. Nearly 40% of people in the Naples metro area (which includes Immokalee and Marco Island) are 60 or older, so retirees will have plenty of people to hang out with. Naples, Florida is a lot more expensive than other parts of the state, but people who live there usually think the good life is worth it.

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This equestrian community is most recognized for its award-winning horse breeding. Horse shows and equestrian competitions are available to retirees, as are frequent horseback excursions on local nature paths. This inland Florida city is less expensive than many other areas of the state. Ocala’s affordable housing makes it simple to relocate to the area. There are hundreds of lakes, rivers, and springs in the Ocala National Forest where you can swim, fish, and paddle.


Another city in Central Florida that gets good marks for having low prices for housing, groceries, and medical care is Lakeland. With about 115,000 people, the city is known for its lakes. It is about halfway between Tampa and Orlando.

Because of its location, the city is a transportation hub for companies like FedEx and Amazon. The largest business in the area is the well-known grocery store Publix. People come in droves to watch the Detroit Tigers play baseball there during February and March.

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Sarasota has a population of more than 40% over 60, making it one of the more popular retirement destinations for older Americans. Sarasota is about an hour south of Tampa and is known for its waterfront, walkable downtown, and diverse communities.

Sarasota, being a Gulf Coast community, is not immune to high house insurance rates and rapidly growing housing prices, but its property taxes are still reasonable. It has the most theaters, gardens, senior centers, and golf courses of any Florida retirement community.

The Villages

The Villages, located approximately an hour north of Orlando, is routinely one of the best-selling retirement communities in the country. The monthly charge is less than $200. You can join an “enrichment academy” to support lifelong learning and explore over 100 restaurants, a wide range of shops, grocery stores, medical offices, free live entertainment on a nightly basis, and nearly everything Florida offers.

More than 130,000 people live in The Villages, most of them are retirees from various parts of the country. This small town has over 700 holes of golf, 200 pickleball courts, 100 recreation centers, 100 swimming pools, and over 3,000 clubs and organizations for residents to join.


With its limitless sunshine, blue waters, and laid-back lifestyle, Florida entices retirees. Beyond the beaches and palm trees, however, lies a diversified state with something for everyone. These places offer a variety of healthcare solutions that vary from satisfactory to above expectations. The weather in Florida has long been a factor in the state’s ability to attract retirees.

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