This Steakhouse Serves The Best Steak In Alabama

If you think of steak, Alabama might not be the first state that comes to mind. But the state has a secret gem: a thriving steakhouse scene with something for everyone. There are steakhouses in Alabama that serve both casual and fancy meals. You can get a juicy ribeye in a dive bar or a fancy filet mignon in a white-tablecloth restaurant.

Beat Steakhouse in the State

Big Mike’s Steakhouse, which opened in 2013, is such an excellent steakhouse that the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association named it the “Best Steak in Alabama.” This excellent steakhouse serves chicken, seafood, sandwiches, and more in addition to steak. This award-winning restaurant has been providing some of Alabama’s best steaks. This steakhouse has 6 locations in the state, and all the locations are always packed with the crowd. This feat stands as a testament to the taste that this steakhouse offers.

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Mouth-Watering Delights With Wow Taste

Imagine sinking your teeth into a tender filet mignon while savoring it with a wine that just tantalizes your taste buds. Well, your imagination can turn true here. The place serves the best steak in the entire state of Alabama.

Try Steak Queso, Crab Cakes, and the signature O.B.A. Shrimp Salad that will awaken the hunger deep within you so that you can enjoy more from this place. The Ribeye Steak Sandwich is considered the best in the state. The platter that drives the crowd crazy is the Big Mike’s Steak, the signature of the place.

The restaurant serves 1855 Angus Beef that has been kept for 28 days and then cut by hand. We prepare and season each steak with Big Mike’s Seven Spice Blend. Then, we grill them over a wood fire according to your preferences and top them with our garlic herb butter. The place is known for its steak served with Bavarian bread, cinnamon butter, and your choice of two signature sides.

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There’s nothing better than a steak cooked over a wood fire, seasoned and cooked just right so that it’s soft enough to cut with a fork but tough enough to deserve a steak knife. The slightly smoky smell and taste of steak bring back memories of cooking on the backyard grill with family and friends and enjoying this great American tradition. Big Mike’s is well-known for its high-quality steaks cooked to perfection on a wood-fired grill and served in a relaxing rustic setting in remote areas that had previously been unable to enjoy this type of authentic steakhouse experience.